Gay for brains?

The Washington Post reports today on yet another major study linking homosexuality with brain differences. The evidence is not conclusive, as reading the article fairly notes, but if scientists, over the next twenty years, solidly lock down the evidence that your sexual orientation is an immutable trait–something you are simply born with, like skin color–then how does one rationally discriminate against you on the basis of something that you cannot reasonably change?

Pastor Michael Alexander, are you there? Are you reading?

Here’s the money quote from the article:

Some scientists say the new findings are part of an increasingly convincing body of evidence that suggests sexual orientation results from fundamental developmental differences that are probably caused by hormonal exposures in the womb.

“This research is pointing to basic differences in the brain between homosexual and heterosexual people that are likely there right from the beginning,” said Sandra F. Witelson, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences at McMaster University in Ontario. “These could be reflecting some genetic or hormonal factors that predetermine your sexual orientation.”

And here’s the link to the full article:

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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