California Gay Marriage Hysteria Watch: James Dobson Compares Gay Marriage to Pearl Harbor

Dorian Davis, a contributing writer to Business Week and the New York Daily News, claims that James Dobson, in one of his books, compared gay marriage to Pearl Harbor. Here’s Davis’s quote:

James Dobson, in his 2004 book Marriage Under Fire, casts same-sex marriage as a threat to civilization, comparing it at one point to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Davis makes this claim in a very interesting and astute analysis of gay marriage and the Republican party, which you can find at this link: .

Obviously, Dobson’s analogy is, to be polite, strained, and, if applied seriously, would make for ridiculous public policy.

If, for example, the 100,000 gay couples in California represent a Pearl Harbor level existential threat to the country, would Dobson wish to do with gay couples what California did with Japanese Americans during World War II?

As you will recall, through the duration of World War II, California set up internment camps along the eastern side of the Sierras to isolate and monitor Japanese Californians. In other words, they were under arrest, and detained against their will, not for any particular crimes that they had committed, but because of who they were, and the threat they supposedy represented to the American war effort.

I seriously doubt, for example, that Dr. Dobson would ever actually propose the reopening of the Japanese internment camp at Manzanar for gay couples.

But if he wouldn’t, then why did he make the analogy between gay marriage and Pearl Harbor at all? How, exactly, are they analogous, and what are the consequences of the analogy supposed to be?

Dr. Dobson? Dr. Dobson?

To read the Wikipidia article on Manzanar, here’s the link:

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5 Responses to California Gay Marriage Hysteria Watch: James Dobson Compares Gay Marriage to Pearl Harbor

  1. Well first, he’s not a reverend. He’s just a psychologist who happens to talk a lot of about God and the Bible. But he Is a very influential Christian leader, and that’s probably why Dorian Davis mentioned him. As to why Dobson made the comparison – perhaps to show how he feels gay society and America’s increasing acceptance of it (with Mass. and Calif. now having legalized gay marriages), how that has the potential to change America’s moral fiber for the worst. That’s not to say that’s accurate or that such a view does or should represent the view of all Christians. For sure, Christians should get their authority from the Bible, not from Dobson, so that’s my 2 cents.

  2. santitafarella says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I changed the post to “Dr. Dobson” from “Reverend Dobson.”

  3. R. Hunter says:

    Everywhere I look on pro gay sites I see them against Dr. Dobson. He believes that the family should be as God ordained in the bibile. One man and one woman without whom any of you could be here. It takes one man and one woman. Two of the same sex cannot propogate. It is not in the design, He does have compassion on gays. The bible does call a gay relationship an abomination. Sorry, but it’s true. If you are going to live the lifestyle quit trying to legitimize it with the bible. It can’t happen. Is it any wonder that gay sites list almost every christian denomination as having something against them?
    I feel for your lonliness. All is not lost however. Your name is written in the lambs book of life until you reject God’s Grace. It’s up to you.

  4. santitafarella says:

    r. hunter,

    you are entitled to believe anything you wish about the bible and gay people.

    but your belief about the bible, in a free society, cannot be normative for everyone else.

    if gay people wish to disregard the bible, and ignore its injunctions (as you understand them), that is their right.

    they should be allowed to marry and to live their lives as they see fit.

    if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t have one.

    and stop violating by force the conscience and boundaries of people with whom you disagree.


  5. Ralph says:

    How could someone even consider comparing the bombing of Pearl Harbor with such a harmless act as gay marriage. Sure if you’re a Christian gay marriage is in violation of your religious viebws but the fact is those views cannot and should not disable two people from getting married due to their gender. This country, regardless of what you’ve been told, was founded under secular ideals so as not to remain biased to one religion or belief system. So Fundamentalists consider thinking about how gays are harming you and your family before you carry out your “Biblically bigoted” laws.

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