California Gay Marriage Hysteria Watch: Yuriy Popko Compares Gay Marriage to Soviet Tyranny

Yuriy Popko, a Russian immigrant, and California anti-gay marriage protester, was quoted on June 17th in the Sacramento Bee, comparing gay marriage to judicial tyranny in the Soviet Union. Here’s the quote, and the context around which the quote was cited:

The Yolo County clerk’s office extended its hours to marry 10 couples through 8 p.m. Monday, while about 10 protesters voiced displeasure over the same-sex nuptials outside the office in Woodland.

“I came from the Soviet Union, and this is judicial tyranny – they’re starting to regulate religion,” said one of the protesters, Yuriy Popko.

Even being generous, is there any legitimacy at all to this Soviet-California analogy? I don’t think so. Here’s why:

  1. There is no “tyranny” involved here. No one is being forced to marry someone of the same sex, nor is anyone being forced to approve of, or attend, any gay marriage ceremony.
  2. There is no regulation of religion involved here. State marriage licenses constitute civic, not religious or sacred, recognition. If two people want their marriage recognized religiously, they seek out a religious group willing to do so. If they also want a religious ceremony, they seek out a religious group, or member of the clergy, willing to perform it. The state has no part in this.
  3. To recognize only heterosexual marriage is to discrimate, not just against minority religious groups, but individual California taxpayers who do not regard gay marriage as sinful. 
  4. Far from regulating religion, the California Supreme Court has remedied a discrimination that was directed against minority religious groups, as well as individual taxpayers who do not regard gay marriage as sinful.
  5. The issue at hand for the California Supreme Court is equal treatment of all citizens under the law. This concept did not apply to courts in the Soviet Union, where unequal treatment was the rule, and where the application of law to individual citizens was arbitrary, not predictable.
  6. No religious majority, however large, can force religious minorities, such as those who do not regard gay marriage as sinful, into hiding in the United States. The fact that gays may be open about their marriages, and out of the closet about their homosexuality, in no way constitutes a regulation upon religion in California. No citizen has the right to expect the State to shield one’s eyes from the points of view or behavior of those one does not like.
  7. Far from resembling the Soviet Union, the State of California is one of the most free places on earth, and gay marriage expands that freedom. It does not contract it.
  8. Far from engaging in “judicial tyranny,” there are ways for the legislature, or the voters, to change the constitution of California, and if they choose to do this, the law will change again.

To read the original June 17, 2008 Sacramento Bee article on gay marriage, here’s the link:

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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14 Responses to California Gay Marriage Hysteria Watch: Yuriy Popko Compares Gay Marriage to Soviet Tyranny

  1. Thanks to Yuriy Popko for taking a bold stand for the gospel truth. Don’t let them intimidate you for having the courage to stand up to the ‘gay’ mafia that is very powerful and now runs our once beloved State of California. The preamble of the California constitution states, “We, the People of the State of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this Constitution.” The Slavic Christians know first hand what religious persecution looks like, coming from the former Soviet Union, a communist/atheist country which had no respect for religious liberty. And by the way, the State did not grant us liberty, but God did (We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…), therefore, the State cannot take it away (re-define Marriage). But there is no such God-given right for sexual perversion! The State has NO jurisdiction over the God-ordained institution of Marriage, which is only between a man and woman!

  2. ‘Same-sex marriage’ is an oxymoron. But don’t count on the media to figure that out, since they’re all in bed with the homophiles. Thank God for protesters, they are the little flicker of light that’s left of the Church in California, which has allowed this perverted ˜same-sex marriage” farce to happen due to its silence and therefore, complicity with Evil. These people are modern-day prophets, with God’s message: “The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.” ~ Psalm 5:5. Of course, the American Church does not want to hear this truth. They want to falsely believe that God loves everyone, no matter how perverted you are. Truth is hate to those that hate the truth. Sodomites are the ones who really hate God, but use His name wickedly to try and force society’s acceptance of their perversity. And the media has repeated this lie (God loves homosexuals) so many times they’ve actually made Americans believe it. Woe to all those who take part in this unGodly alliance. They will receive the greater damnation for causing others to sin. May the Lord forgive us Christians for all our silence and have mercy on this land. At least there is hope in Sacramento with the growing Slavic Christian population. Perhaps they were sent here by God for a testimony! Amen

  3. Go to and volunteer to help in any way that God has called you to PROTECT marriage. Don’t be intimidated by the homosexual mafia! Maybe the indoctrinated masses (the sheeple in the matrix of lies) just don’t realize we are trying to Constitutionally UPHOLD the CURRENT Marriage Laws in the Family Law Code! And remember, If Marriage can mean anything, it means NOTHING!

  4. Igor Sagan says:

    I’ve read the article above and the comments below it and that brought me to my own, personal opinion. Yuriy Popko, the well-known ARC student is completely right on doing his job and what the homosexual couples really are silencing, is the truth.
    Yes, of course we cannot judge people based on their religion, race…., but we (the Christian community) want to speak out among the public and inform every living that homosexual behavior is completely unacceptable (even if non-religion wise) and then of course it’s also against Christian religion. All the other churches that accept the homosexual agenda, we don’t even want to call them churches anymore. Those are now organizations full of false teachings. Clearly God’s Holy word explains that homosexuality is a SIN.
    Also I though America was based on Christianity. What does it say on the green thingy that’s wanted by everyone? The United States green dollar bill? IN GOD WE TRUST. Right? Or not? Or maybe America just started off like that? And now people went crazy and immature. And they fill their minds will sick, discussing nonsense and perversion? Look what’s happening now all around the world. Yes, of course the U.S. (free country) – we shall not discriminate the gays or any other particular group and perform foul violence, any crimes, but WE SHOULD go out and tell them that it is wrong what they are doing!
    Aren’t homosexuals the one starting the dispute? Why not they stay among themselves and keep their ideas to themselves? Why do they want to get into the public and brainwash our youth, and the new generation, our kids? In schools? On the streets? Public? Why can’t they just keep their idea to themselves? No, they have to go into the government and make up their own laws which will keep “only them” from being discriminated. So everybody would respect them and etc. And also they bring in their “homosexual” stuff into educational environments. Hmm. If they want to be who they are, then let them be. Let them stay among themselves. Don’t let them come out and CONVERT the normal people to their sick minded perversion. Just because a “group” of people (of course more than a group now, but still there’s not too many of them compared to the whole population) – San Francisco wants to “enable” homosexuality doesn’t mean we all want this. California’s Proposition 8 is over and clearly California voted that they DO NOT want homosexual marriages. Why do the gays still do their little protests? Stand on TV and cry? Make their “No-On-8” websites? 🙂 Wow. It’s clear. CA doesn’t WANT GAYS. Period. Voting is over. And don’t tell me that the Yes on 8 supporters cheated or anything. Go watch on YouTube how many gays steal the Yes On 8 yard signs (the videos were recorded at night through surveillance cameras). Wow. There’s a whole bunch of these videos. And each of us (yes on 8 supporters) know all this. The next morning we come out and the sign is gone. Oh and also – gays, don’t tell me that those videos are fake and were recorded by Yes on 8 supporters.
    Anyway my point – This whole prop 8 thing should be over. Plus let’s look at the whole U.S. It’s only the Massachusetts out of the other 49 states that has the gay marriage law. The whole America doesn’t seem to like it besides the population in San Francisco. And next look at the world. Its clear homosexuality is wrong. Take a look at the future. What would happen? What call happen? What WILL happen is everyone of us suddenly turned gay? It’s not just because of religion; it’s because of common sense. And there is no love between a man & a man and/or a woman & a woman. That’s false or just “insane”. Once again we’ve all heard this expression very many times. God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. 🙂 I like that one. Or the people (gays) are just mentally perverted and that’s what happens with their minds. Or maybe physically disabled starting from birth.
    One thing that the homosexuals need to remember: The Christians don’t HATE the gays, IT’S YES ON 8, NO ON HATE! We are suppose to love everyone and we do. The Bible tells us to go and TEACH/INFORM those that are infected with the sins and to HELP them get saved!
    So Thank God for those protesters who supported the proposition 8. Now on the other hand Yuriy Popko is doing a very good job speaking up out there in the public for our community and shining the light, speaking nothing but truth all around. God bless, Amen.

  5. santitafarella says:

    Igor Sagan:

    I don’t know how long you’ve been a citizen of this country, but America is not a Christian nation (in its civic functioning).

    It is true that the majority of Americans profess to being “Christians” of one sort or another, but our Constitution is very clear about the protection of minority groups.

    Jews, gays, Muslims, atheists, Hindus etc. are full and equal citizens here, and can run for political office.

    The mayor of San Francisco, for example, is gay.

    Barney Frank is a gay congressman.

    Senator Joseph Lieberman is an Orthodox Jew.

    Two of Barack Obama’s science advisors are likely agnostic or atheist.

    In short, Igor, it is possible for you to practice your religion here without telling other religious traditions how to practice theirs.

    You may not like it, but there are CHURCHES in CA. who are willing to marry gay couples. They are practicing their religion. And if the state is going to give marriage certificates to people for civic and legal purposes, then they should be issuing them to churches in CA that marry gay couples. All other religious traditions’ marriages are recognized in Ca.

    You can be a Christian and live your life as you see fit and not impose your religion on people who do not practice Christianity after your fashion.

    That’s called freedom and equality for all.

  6. Will Peterson says:

    Santitafella, you cannot compare gays to Jews, Muslims, Hindus. Those are RELIGIONS. Homosexuality is a LIFESTYLE. It’s a non-acceptable, dirty lifestyle. We can make up a whole bunch of crap, do insane stuff, and we’ll call that our lifestyle and we will want other people to respect us for acting how we want. A disgusting lifestyle doesn’t fall under the “freedom and equality for all”. That’s just common sense that it is wrong and stupid. Even if we aren’t Christians or whoever, even if we are atheists it doesn’t matter. Homosexuality isn’t just not accepted because of the “religions”, it mostly unaccepted because of people don’t agree with such stupid and retarded behavior. They know there is no love between same sex couples. They know that people aren’t designed for that. So basically all you are saying is that America isn’t Christian anymore so homosexuality should be accepted now. No, it’s the people. They have a brain and a human mind and they decide. As that dude said before already, that california voted that they don’t want gay marriages anymore, than that’s just the people are. Personally I’m not Christian but I totally agree that homosexuality is wrong and it’s not the right way to go. It doesn’t matter about no churches. Even talking non-religiously, gays are retarded. Basically even if no religions was involved homosexuality is still unacceptable by the people.

  7. restoretheRupublic says:

    Isn’t it ironic that somebody from the former Soviet Union (Yuriy Popko) would be the one to have the courage to stand up to the tyranny of our very own State Government? Hopefully the oppression these citizens were under in their former country would give them what modern-day Americans don’t have – the knowledge necessary to recognize tyranny in today’s secular society and fight against it. May God bless these freedom-loving Patriots and give them the ability to proclaim the Truth!

  8. Anonymous says:

    the geys are stuped.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wow, how ignorant are those homosexuals, for they will not win. Whew – thanks for all who supported prop 8!

  10. Anonymous says:

    YES on 8

  11. Ben says:

    Great job Yuriy Popko. Keep up the good work.

  12. Jan says:

    Definately would agree with Igor.

  13. Jau says:

    The green dollar bill – they say in God we Trust they mean in the the “antichrist” .. that is their god and that’s why it says ONE.. ONE.. One world government… And besides everyone by now knows the government is corrupt and the Freemasons have taken over the world..

    and homosexuals are gonna die out anyway, even from a non religious perspective, according to Darwins theory of evolution “survival of the fittest”, .

  14. Jau says:

    and santitafarella, your constitution is full of shit! Soon and very soon the you will wipe your ass with the constitution because it won’t be anything.. Even now the government is passing a bunch of bullshit laws and youll all be enslaved in the new world order

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