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California Gay Marriage Sensibility Watch: Ward Connerly Likens Gay Marriage Bans to Antimiscegenation Laws

Two days ago, in the online gay magazine, The Advocate, Ward Connerly, an influencial African American Republican in California, and a man generally beloved by conservatives, was quoted as supporting same-sex marriage. The quote occurs within a discussion of “conservative icons” who … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens Undergoes Waterboarding—and Finds It to Be Torture

In the August 2008 Vanity Fair, one of my heroes, author and essayist, Christopher Hitchens, takes us vicariously along with him in an experience of waterboarding. Veteran experts of the procedure waterboarded Hitchens in North Carolina in May, and Hitchens … Continue reading

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World Literature’s First Existentialist Musings: Before Ecclestiastes, Hamlet, Dostoevsky, and Camus, There was The Epic of Gilgamesh

At the start of Part 2 of the Epic of Gilgamesh, when Enkidu and Gilgamesh have now become friends, Enkidu tells Gilgamesh: The father of the gods has given you kingship, such is your destiny, everlasting life is not your destiny. … Continue reading

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