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A Suffering and Resurrected Messiah—Before Jesus?: Bombshell Archeological Find Causes Stir Among Biblical Scholars

In the New York Times today is a bombshell article on an ancient tablet discovery at the Dead Sea in Jordan that PREDATES Jesus, but that may refer to a suffering messiah who raises from the dead after three days. If confirmed, what this means is that … Continue reading

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Snake Haired Medusas, Vagina Dentatas, and Celtic Green Men: How ‘In God We Trust’ Functions as a Cultural Scare Mask

What is it about scare masks?—whether as manifested as Medusa in ancient Greece, or the Green Man in Celtic culture, it seems that the scare mask put over a door, or on a wall, is designed to: defend from outsiders … Continue reading

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Barack Obama: A Church-State Separation Conservative?

In October of 1934, in T.S. Eliot’s quarterly, The Criterion, the historian Christopher Dawson, in an essay titled, “Religion and the Totalitarian State,” made a rather astute observation: [T]he coming conflict is not one between religion and secular civilization but rather … Continue reading

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The Apotheosis of Jesse Helms: President Bush Sends the Senator Heavenward on a Cloud of Orwellian Hot Air

The apotheosis of Jesse Helms has begun. This week, President Bush weighed in on the legacy of the recently deceased Senator, saying: Jesse Helms was a kind, decent, and humble man and a passionate defender of what he called “the … Continue reading

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