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Jesusgate: A Stone Tablet Discovery Drives Scholars to Ask, “What Did the Disciples Know About Jesus and When Did They Know It?”

The gospels seem adamant: the disciples did not see Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection coming. And its long been taken for granted that the notion of a suffering and resurrected messiah would have taken most 1st century Jews by surprise. But … Continue reading

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A Suffering and Resurrected Messiah Before Jesus: Biblical Scholar James Tabor Promotes Israel Knohl’s Text Interpretation of NY Times Reported Stone Tablet

Breaking News: James Tabor, on his blog, promotes Israel Knohl’s interpretation of the “suffering messiah before Jesus” stone tablet. Here’s Professor Tabor’s statement: I recently highlighted the fascinating interpretation of Prof. Israel Knohl of Hebrew University of a new “Dead Sea” … Continue reading

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UFO Sightings and Resurrection Sightings: How Templates Function to Structure What We See, and Why the Suffering and Resurrecting Messiah Tablet Discovery Matters

This week’s New York Times bombshell article (which you can read here: https://santitafarella.wordpress.com/2008/07/06/a-suffering-and-resurrected-messiah-before-jesus-bombshell-archeological-find-causes-stir-in-academic-bible-community/ ) on an ancient tablet discovery at the Dead Sea in Jordan that PREDATES Jesus, but that may refer to a suffering messiah who raises from the dead after three days, has the potential to revolutionize … Continue reading

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