Israel Knohl on Hazon Gabriel—The Vision of Gabriel—Qumran Stone Tablet That Seems to Predate Jesus’s Death by a Generation, But Talks about a Suffering and Resurrected Messiah

Israel Knohl, the Biblical scholar whose book, The Messiah Before Jesus (2002), seems to anticipate the discovery of the recent “Gabriel Revelation” stone tablet, has an important essay on the discovery in the Journal of Religion.

Knohl calls the tablet Hazon Gabriel (the Vision of Gabriel)—so if I post about this in the future, that’s what I’ll call it.

Here’s Knohl’s quote on the significance of the Hazon Gabriel:

Ada Yardeni and Binyamin Elitzur published in 2007 (“Document: A First-Century BCE Prophetic Text Written on a Stone: First Publication,” Cathedra 123, in Hebrew) a fascinating text of an apocalypse transmitted by the angel Gabriel, that they suggest calling “Hazon Gabriel” (the Vision of Gabriel).

Based on its linguistic features, they date the text, written in Hebrew on stone, to the late first century BCE. This suggestion is corroborated by the paleographic evidence which points to the late first century BCE or the early first century CE.
Hazon Gabriel confirms my thesis that the belief in a slain and resurrected messiah existed prior to the messianic activity of Jesus. The publication of this text is extraordinarily important. It is a discovery that calls for a complete reassessment of all previous scholarship on the subject of messianism, Jewish and Christian alike.

To read the Journal of Religion article by Knohl, click here:

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5 Responses to Israel Knohl on Hazon Gabriel—The Vision of Gabriel—Qumran Stone Tablet That Seems to Predate Jesus’s Death by a Generation, But Talks about a Suffering and Resurrected Messiah

  1. paarsurrey says:


    This may interest you.
    Jesus did not die on Cross. Please don’t mind. In my opinion he survived death on Cross, as he promised to show sign of Jonah. And Jonah entered the belly of fish alive, remained alive in the belly of the fish and came out alive from the belly of the fish. Similarly Jesus entered the tomb where he was laid after he was delivered from the Cross, in a precarious condition but nevertheless alive. Jesus remained alive in the tomb and came out of it alive. Since he never died on the Cross, there is no question of his resurrection from the dead. This has been proved by the PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 from several arguments from the Quran, NTBible and the medical and the history.
    Second Coming has already taken place in the form of the PromisedMessiah1835-1908 as was prophesised in the scriptures.
    Kindly visit my blogsite for your comments and/or discussions on the posts/pages there if you like. Differing opinions are also welcome.
    I love Jesus, Mary and Muhammad.
    I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

    • Anonymous says:

      The eyewitnesses of the New Testament knew the circumstances of the resurrection very well. In accordance with the Jewish tradition, the body of Jesus was wrapped tightly in shrouds and anointed with spices. This ‘anointing with spices’ was not a light sprinkling of fragrance, but about 40 kilos of spices and resin were mixed together, forming a thick, sticky compound, like rubber, which hardened on the body. Moreover, the opening of the grave was blocked with an enormous stone covering, weighing something like two tons. Following the uproar that took place in Jerusalem surrounding the crucifixion, the religious leaders remembered that Jesus spoke about coming back to life after three days. They made sure that their people kept an eye on the grave. Moreover, they demanded that Pilate should station soldiers to guard the grave. Along with a Roman guard of multiple soldiers, the grave was sealed with a Roman seal. Had someone dared to move the stone from the grave, the seal would have been broken and the transgressor would have had to face the wrath of the Roman authorities. And the guards, failing to protect the grave, would have been punished.
      Consider what the scientist David Strauss wrote about 200 years ago: “This idea that a creature creeping out of his own grave, ‘half dead’, sick and weak, in urgent need of medical treatment, clothing, recuperation and support, would succeed to awake in his disciples the impression of being the Prince of Life and conqueror of death and grave; an impression that was the foundation of their future actions, this idea is simply unreasonable. Such a resurrection would only weaken the disciples’ impression, make them sad and cause disappointment. And certainly not turn their grief into excitement, nor their fear into worship” (Dr. Strauss).
      John describes something that only today science can explain. When Jesus was crucified, a Roman soldier pierced his side. In the New Testament John explains: “But one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and at once there came out blood and water” (John 19: 34). 2000 years ago this would certainly seem odd. Why did John bother to point this out? Today, the science of physiology teaches that when a human dies, the blood in his body separates into serum: a transparent liquid like water and red blood cells. Without knowing it, John proved scientifically that Jesus was indeed dead.

  2. astral says:

    paarsurrey, where jesus die… i don’t know, u don’t know… etc.
    But.. i don’t think that PromisedMessiah was comming..

  3. Calvinist says:

    Well, well, well. One time simply denying the ressurection of Christ, other time questioning it with the a legend of the same kind, which of course, it is real history, not like the legend of Christ.

  4. John Ellis/Orlando/USA says:

    My inspiration comes from an ever evolving revelation of just who the King of the Jews is. The gentile ‘church’ has stripped the meaning of Messiah away from it’s Hebrew origins. As you know, ‘Messiah’ comes from the Hebrew ‘Mashiach’ which is an office that CANNOT be seperated from the nation of Israel. When Yeshua told Peter ‘Upon this rock I will build my ‘church’, the Hebrew word He used was ‘knesset’ which means ‘called out higherarchy’ from the congregation of Israel. ‘Called out’ to spiritually rule and reighn along with Him, NOT to leave Judaism and form a new ‘religion! Just as Jethro advised Moses to select captains to judge over thousands, hundreds, and fifties, Israel has a ‘Knesset’ today, which gives us a ‘preview’ of the Messianic’ Kingdom that will rule for 1,000 years in the redemption. I think it’ exciting to know that the Sanhidran has been reconvened after 2,000 years! He created man (In His image) to have dominion over the earth in it’s ‘garden’ state and He said in Malachi ‘I am The Lord God, I CHANGE NOT’, and it’s still His will that man ‘Be fruitful, multiply, and dress and keep the garden’. Isaiah 27:6 tells us that in the redemption, the whole earth will become the global garden as originally intended. The book of John tells us at the GARDEN TOMB resurrection, Mary ‘thought’ He was the GARDENER, and she was right! Hebrew gardener’s apperal was almost IDENTICAL to that of the High Priest’s (minus the breastplateof stones etc…), and as the ‘Resurrected First fruit’, when He rose from the dead, HE HARVESTED HIMSELF! AFTER the millinium reighn on the earth, Romans 8 tells us that ‘The whole creation waits for the FULL manifestation of the SONS (GARDENERS) OF GOD! We will plant seeds of His Kingdom throughout the universe! Imagine as your ‘Heavenly’ reward, a canvas that spans GALAXIES, with comets for brushes! The Holy of Holies IS the enter of the Temple Mount, which is the center of Israel, which is the center of the earth where God The Father and The Lamb are the light of of the redeemed creation(Revelation 21), and it is byt his light that we get our ‘spiritual’ perspective for our next assignments!
    The Church needs to realize that the term ‘Messiah’ is an office of the government of Israel where He ill rule and reighn in Rightiousness from Jerusalem. God promised David that his Son will have an Eternal (1)House, (2)Throne, and (3)Kingdom!
    Both Jews AND Christians need to also realize there is no ‘OLD’ or ‘NEW’ testaments.
    There is only one God and He only has one Word! That ‘WORD’ manifested Himself as Yeshua Ha Mashiach Ben David. He warned that many false ‘christs’ would come, but there’s only one Yeshua!
    He’s NOT coming to rule from London, Washington, or even The Vatican. The leaves from the Tree of Life in Jerusalem will be given for the healing of the nations that will come to Jerusalem three times a year to pay tribute to The King of Kings!
    The ‘oldest’ proffession is NOT prostitution as the fallen world claims, it’s Gardening! (Read John 15)

    The Gardener

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