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PZ Myers is Wrong About Host Desecration: An Agnostic Urges Other Agnostics and Atheists to Shun PZ Myers Until He Reaffirms Liberal Values

University of Minnesota biologist, PZ Myers, has seriously dug-in on the host desecration issue, once again confirming his illiberalism. In an interview with the Minnesota Independent this week, there was this exchange: MnIndy: Has the outrcry over your post given you second thoughts … Continue reading

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PZ Myers and The Iconoclastic Temptation: Five Ways that a Cathedral Icon and a Communion Host Are Similar, and Two Reasons This Makes PZ Myers an Iconoclast

Five ways that a cathedral icon of the Virgin Mary and a communion wafer are similar: Both a Virgin Mary icon and a communion wafer are fashioned for a sacred purpose. Cathedral icons and communion wafers are used for purposes of ritual, symbol, … Continue reading

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Christopher Hedges Doesn’t Believe in Atheists—and Neither Do I: A Review of Hedges’s Most Recent Book, and Why PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins Would Do Well to Read It Too

In light of PZ Myers’s recent flirtation with atheist illiberalism and iconoclasm, and Richard Dawkins’s knee-jerk defense of him, I think that thoughtful liberals, both secular and religious, might consider reading Christopher Hedges’s most recent book, I Don’t Believe in … Continue reading

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“The Narcissist”: A Poem by Santi Tafarella

  my fist opened like a pill bug   and in my palm a pond   and i a goldfish in that pond

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I’ll Take an Evangelical Free Thinker over a Rigid, Emotionally Closed Off Atheist Anytime: Why Atheists and Agnostics Shouldn’t Be Defending PZ Myers

PZ Myers’s emotional rigidity and his digging in on his position that it’s okay to get a priest, under false pretenses, to give you a consecrated wafer so that you can take it home and desecrate it, reminds us that: The real … Continue reading

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I’m Not Ready for English 101 Yet?!?: Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me?

When students first come to a community college, and take the placement tests, they are sometimes shocked to discover that they’re not yet ready for English 101 etc. The short item below, from today’s Inside Higher Education, suggests that bringing a readiness test to … Continue reading

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