I’m Not Ready for English 101 Yet?!?: Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me?

When students first come to a community college, and take the placement tests, they are sometimes shocked to discover that they’re not yet ready for English 101 etc.

The short item below, from today’s Inside Higher Education, suggests that bringing a readiness test to students a few years early at least gives them the opportunity to see where their academic deficiencies might lie, and to go about trying to remediate their specific deficits BEFORE they actually get to college:

Community colleges in California might be able to significantly reduce the need for remedial education among students by using the results of 11th grade state testing to better direct students prior to enrollment, says a new report from the California Partnership for Achieving Student Success, known as Cal-PASS. California State University campuses have had success in reducing the need for remediation by using high school results to show students very specifically what they need to do to be college-ready by the time they leave high school, and the report says community colleges could have similar results. 

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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