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Slate Reviews James Wood’s New Book, “How Fiction Works”

Slate yesterday had an interesting review of New Yorker book critic James Wood’s new book. Money quote: I hope this isn’t taken the wrong way, but by the end of How Fiction Works, I felt as though I had just read a … Continue reading

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“The Apology of Dionysus”: A Poem by Santi Tafarella

I know that you like my bee- balmy glades, and my jugs heavy with their sweet wines— but mine also are the snake’s skin and the wind-whip of biting sands. I weed your gardens with rakes of lightening and flurries of hail, frosting your fruits and … Continue reading

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The Upanishads, the Bible, and Greek Tragedy: Would We Have Had These Great Works of Literature Without Dick Cheney-like Free Market Competition?

What role does competition play in the generation of imaginitive art and literature? Here are six things that suggest that competition plays a very large part indeed: First, in ancient Indian literature, particularly in the early formation of the Rig Veda … Continue reading

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