In 1935, Were Cary Grant and Randolf Scott Sex Partners? No, But These Images Look Rather Camp

On August 9, 2008, The Times of London, in its magazine section, ran some images of an old 1935 photoshoot of Cary Grant and Randolph Scott, a Western actor. The two owned a “bachelor pad” in Malibu together. Not long after the shoot both men went their separate ways, and married. You can Google the images that generated rumors around Hollywood about the two actors’ sexual orientation.

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66 Responses to In 1935, Were Cary Grant and Randolf Scott Sex Partners? No, But These Images Look Rather Camp

  1. Didn’t Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman share an apartment together years ago? Does that mean their gay? Maybe Grant and Scott were, but I can’t see anything in these photos to indicate this.

  2. santitafarella says:


    Insofar as we can know such things, Grant and Scott were NOT gay.


    • Gay means happy and nothing else. Use the word homosexual or queer. Gay did not come into use till approximately the 1950’s. Supposedly because homosexuals could not openly state their preferences and were unhappy about it so in order to hide their unhappiness, they portrayed themselves as happy on the outside. Hence gay.

      • sallieparker says:

        Rubbish. You made that up yourself, and you guessed badly. “Gay” was an old cant word to refer to prostitutes and fancy men and people of loose morals. It may not have been merely an underworld expression. Amish still refer to a worldly non-Amish lifestyle as “the gay life,” which suggests a borrowing from English usage of the 1700s.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cary Grant himself helped to popularize the word gay meaning homosexual. He used it in Bringing Up Baby when all Katherine Hepburn left him to wear was a frilly negligee, and an old woman comes to the door unexpectedly. “‘Why are you dressed like that?’ ‘I just turned gay all of a sudden!'”

      • lastunicorn5 says:

        that’s stupid, they were known to be lovers early in their careers

  3. Sas says:

    If they were that is their business,I doubt if they are coming back to tell you.

  4. Brent says:

    They were gay. Do your research.

  5. Richie NYC says:

    Cary Grant was bi-sexual leaning on the Gay side. Scott was bi also. You tell others to do their research, why don’t you do it?

    • Tess says:

      And what research are you basing that on? Scott’s biographer denied the credibility of the rumors, as did Gran’s daughter. I think you’re finding what you want to see. It’s called confirmation bias.

  6. KA says:

    Some of you need to learn what real research is. Reading an unauthorized biography on Grant or Scott stating there were gay or bisexual is not real research. These unauthorized biographies are the farthest examples of reliable sources.

  7. Terry says:

    Cary Grant emphatically denied he was gay, and since there is zero evidence to prove otherwise, I believe him.

    • Anonymous says:

      and up until even just a few years ago and still today…men who admitted they are gay….get, shunned, beaten, imprisoned, fired, ridiculed, and…still some get I’m not surprised he would not say it out loud…but ….c’mon!

  8. they are just like me and my boytoy, but dnt tell my girlfriend

  9. widollar says:

    The two owned a “bachelor pad” in Malibu together. Well, so what! They both had long and full lives on planet earth. We should all be so lucky. Scott was 89 when he passed away and Grant was 82 when he died.

  10. Loic says:

    They made a beautiful couple. I hope they were a couple. If they had gay desires or specifically orientation, I am happy that they were able to enjoy life before the studios and the public eye forced them into marriages to preserve their image…

  11. Rick says:

    The fact that both men eventually married or had children does NOT mean that they were not gay or bisexual. And why should we care? They were gifted actors who gave us much, and who had a right during their life times to happiness – wherever they found it.

    • j romano says:

      He had to-because at that time you could not be openly gay, and be a leading man at the same time. It is really sad if he was-hopefully he received Penance for that horrible sin.. No one has the right to happiness sorry…

  12. PAULY says:

    i just cant beli9eve my eyes as i read all this drival about mr. randolf scott. . in july 1957, while on vacation from okalhome , my dad took my mother and i with him on a working vacation to california. we went to a very exclusive private country club i can not identify due to membership respect, and security but we met mr. scott. dad was 6’5″ and he looked up to mr scott. i stood up and shook his hand. and a finer gentleman i have never met.
    to my dying days i will never believe he was anything but a true southern gentleman from virginia. and a great husband and father to his son.he and mr. grant had a slew of starlets in thier bachelor days.
    wll you illiterates do your homework first before writing such garbage and slansering good peoples memories.

    • Dan says:

      He could be a true southern gentleman from Virginia and still be gay. In fact, he could be a husband and father and still be gay (you don’t know if he was a “great” husband). I am only curious as to why Cary Grant is wearing socks outdoors!

    • Dave M. Brady says:

      I know I’m a little late in the game here, but is this post by Paul for real or a joke? Is Pauly really calling people illiterate?

      Anyway, this is a great rumor. Cary Grant’s daughter was asked about it recently on CBS Sunday Morning. I think she laughed it off or something.

    • Anonymous says:

      Awesome story. Randolph Scott and Cart grant were in love. We can leave it at that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    All men in the Army sleep together. So I guess they are Gay too.

  14. brenda says:

    they just look like 2 good friends, its a shame that these days nothing can be that simple and pure

    • Tess says:

      I agree. Some people will never be happy if something isn’t juicy gossip. People see what they want to see to make themselves feel better. How people interpret those pictures says more about them than the actual pictures.

  15. santitafarella says:


    Evil to him whom evil thinks. What, exactly, is impure about consenting adult sex? If they had been lovers, why would that have made the pictures any more or less charming in terms of their friendship? I’m afraid you lost me.


  16. brenda says:

    thats my point just good friends, no evil there, I also like their movies, wish they still made movies like that.

  17. carl says:

    carl from adelaide sth aust so what they bought enterntainment to everyone world wide as a kid i loved scott as a cowboy and i watched all his and cary grant:s movies

  18. daniel gradassi says:

    Para mi dos grandes actores ,siempre me gustaron sus películas.- No me importa que eran .- daniel gradassi.-

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  20. Anonymous says:

    If you read about them and really research you will find that they two were gay, and they were forced to get married.. fuck Hollywood, it destroys many people’s life. Like Rock Hudson’s one.

    • jr says:

      Hudson dies of AIDS remember-A disease still mostly contracted by Gay men hmmm. God is speaking to us everyday. It is up to us to listen and do the right thing. Simple as that. We are here as a test-to live the best lives that we can, and follow his laws as He is our Creator. You don’t like it when your kids misbehave, right???

  21. If any of you were actually somewhat proficient at research you would know that there was no way anyone would possibly know the truth unless they were Scott, Cary, or an eyewitness.

  22. Quentin says:

    I kmow they were gay. I slept with both of them in 1953. I was the giver.

  23. Ace1111 says:

    Both men had great talent. Very normal for them to share a room trying to break into Hollywood. Ask the wives. You cant make the wrong right! Nothing natural about gay sex. That’s an exit only.
    Yeah or nay I liked both men and I doubt that they were gay. But does not matter to me. I liked them for the talent and the entertainment that they brought us all.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Grant and Scott were in love. They had a ‘bachelor pad’ on the beach, and then shared a house ‘as bachelors’ for TWELVE YEARS. You have to be blind, and unwilling to accept documented facts to deny they were in a romantic relationship. Its not a big deal. Brilliant, charming, talented actors. Just too bad they couldn’t each skip their respective 5 and 2 marriages to be together honestly… And admitting they were together is not an insult to them. Please. They looked very happy together.

  25. paul says:

    If i’m remember:Randolph Scott was surnamed:Randolphette,and Cary grant was bisexual

  26. Kenneth Ramsey says:

    It is easy to say something about anyone who is no longer here to defend themselves! But i grew up and watched both actors as a youngster and i believe they were both moral men! But either way they were both talented actors!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed them both as human being and thank them both for the many years of entertainment they gave me and millions other people laughter and tears and entainment!!!!!!!! Thank You Both !!!!! Ken Ps At Least they kept there public views very moral not like these gays & lesbians today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Dan Nayhem says:

    Until you have proof, stick your unproven opinions up YOUR asses.

  28. Steve Fraser says:

    No doubt many of these suspicions were media based and as such reporters for newspapers, magazines and the like will do anything, write anything and say anything to get their scummy stories to make money. I watch every Randolph Scott film I can and there isn’t a hint whatsoever of him being gay and there is always a giveaway characteristic. In my opinion totally untrue. There isn’t a single actor nowadays who could consistently turn out movie after movie and get a 10/10 rating for each and every one. Eat you hearts out you current lot of amateurs in Hollywood.

  29. The HetroPhobe says:

    I love the typical NAY sayers comments above,the deniers.They are so opinionated and righteous,and some obviously religious,how sad .They are obviously Closet gays themselves.But thats trypical of Homophobes!
    Who cares anyway about who is gay or not??

  30. Anonymous says:

    I believe every body liked Cary Grant (I did not see any movie for Randolf). When we like some one we imagine him as a hero enjoying all the good qualities of the time. A gay would find him a great gay and a straight person would find him the best. So every one be happy the way he wants.

  31. Anonymous says:

    What does it matter to any one what people do in their
    Private spaces??

  32. glenn says:

    They were like brothers! They had a brotherly friendship and liked being together. The homosexual crap is a product of reprobate minds with an agenda. Many folks who knew Grant and Scott stated there was not sexually interest or relationship going on. They simply liked it others company as good friends, i.e. like brother!

    • I fully agree with Glenn. I liked the films they both appeared in and believe I have seen every Randolph Scott western AND enjoyed them all. I don’t think for one minute there was any irregular activity between the pair….just the best of pals. It’s the warped mind of some of modern society.
      Both great actors as well!!

      • Anonymous says:

        “Irregular activity”? you mean Homosexual sex…as opposed to Heterosexual sex? and that is irregular? lol…u mean perhaps unusual, or maybe “Not Normal” lol….yeah …male on male sex happens a lot more that “irregularly” in this world…and by more than one species ..if not all…so What you call ” irregular” is actually common….

    • As human being’s,thankfully we make many type’s of true friendship’s throughout our live’s here on Earth.I am a only child,and have enjoyed brotherly friendship many time’s.It’s nice not to be alone.That same companionship,I’ve even enjoyed with Animal’s.There is many different type’s of love,not all containing any sexual feeling.I feel they were 2 of a kind and shared much of the same like’s and dislike’s.Sometime’s being with the wrong female,a man need’s time with bro’s of his own.Some men cant just be with any woman being his type,It’s nice to be able to go back with a brother to recover.They were human being’s,and above all the trash.Thankfully the lord gave us all type’s of true friendship,and the one’s who are stunted from that,feel sorry for them.If these 2 men were hiding anything,(especially in those era’s),one wouldnt see such a carefree motif around their friendship.Two Mature men that worked hard,and enjoyed not being alone when they did get free-time away from the silver screen.Since,whatever trashy talk,hinted to,was surely to create inquiring mind’s for $$$$$$$ Book Sales..Giant’s Walked this Earth,.Regards,Classic film Buff

  33. Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t there, so I don’t know, or care whether they were gay or not. I love Randolph Scott’s movies.And, some of Cary Grants. Great actors, both of them. My favorite film is Randolph Scott’s film Seven Men From Now.

  34. I think this is tragic some dumb ass would start a rumor like this yes their is something wrong with being gay I don’t hate them but feel sorry for them and its tragic the family’s have to be put threw this trash so some unethical butt wipe can make a filthy dollar

  35. FirstErin says:

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  36. Anonymous says:

    Having read through the comments, I find a lot of them amusing. “He was a little bit gay”, “he was kind of gay”, “he was more straight than gay”, etc. If you are having sex with another male, full or part time, your a homosexual. With the exception of forced sex, like prison. Stop trying to sugarcoat it. You either are or you’re not. Having sex with ten women does make you less a homosexual if you sleep with only 5 men. A homosexual is a homosexual, no matter how you slice it.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I am not going to say for certain whether or not Randolph Scott or Cary Grant were romantically involved because unless someone invents time travel or successfully performs a seance and asks them, or uncovers some conclusive piece of evidence, we will never know for sure.
    I will say that being married is no true indication of being straight as there are plenty of people who carry on same sex affairs, as well as lavender marriages where a homosexual person marries someone of the opposite sex specifically to hide that they are gay.
    Nor can one base one’s sexuality on their film performance. Not all gay men are effeminate and moreover, they were ACTORS! It is their job to perform a role according to the script’s specifications, regardless if it matches their own true personality. And in Grant’s case, he worked very hard to remake himself into Cary Grant rather than Archibald Leach, the identity he was born with.
    And as for condemning the ones who started the gay rumors, you’d have to blame Randolph Scott and Cary Grant as they were the ones who agreed to the photo spread to begin with and had to have known that some would interpret their relationship as romantic.
    But no matter their true orientation, it doe not change the fact that they were amazing performers and should be remembered for their work rather then what they did beneath the sheets.

  38. Blue Beazley says:

    They were gay,Scott was the love of Grants life,and one he never got over,unsuccessfully marrying several women to live up to the image of straight Hollywood leading man.

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