An Itsy-Bitsy Thing McCain’s Perfunctory Vetting Process Missed: For Two Years, in the 1990s, Sarah Palin May Have Been a Member of an Alaska Secessionist Group!

Oops. John McCain, on Thursday, when he met with Sarah Palin, forgot to ask her this little question:

Before I invite you onto the ticket with me, you’ve never, like, you know, been involved with any groups advocating Alaska’s secession from the United States, or attended any of their conventions, right?

Well, it looks like he should have.

The NY Times reports today that Sarah Palin, in the 1990s, was a member of the Alaska Independence Party—a far-right group that has debated the merits of Alaska seceeding from the United States.

And other sources say that she even attended one of their conventions.

Money quote from the Times article:

[Palin] was a member for two years in the 1990s of the Alaska Independence Party, which has at times sought a vote on whether the state should secede [from the nation].

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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