Sarah’s Lifelong “Staycation” Habit: Over Her Lifetime, Sarah Palin Has Left the Continent of North America Just TWICE

According to a September 1, 2008 Times of London profile article on Sarah Palin, prior to becoming governor of Alaska (population 560,000), she had been off the continent of North America just ONCE in her lifetime—on a vacation to Ireland!

Here’s the full list, according to the Times of London, of Palin’s foreign experience:

— Sarah Palin travelled to Germany and Kuwait last year to visit Alaska National Guard troops

— She reportedly had to apply for a passport especially for the trip

— Mrs Palin has been to Canada, and engaged in negotiations about building a natural gas pipeline from Alaska through Canada

— Until recently US citizens did not need a passport to go to Canada

— Mrs Palin has also visited Ireland

— Cindy McCain said in a television interview that Mrs Palin had knowledge about Russia because: “Alaska is the closest part of our continent to Russia”

Palin’s provincialism is fine for an out of the way governor of a state with a population equal to that of the city of Little Rock, Arkansas (560,000)—but for a person one health care crisis away from the American presidency?

What was McCain thinking?

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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