VP Pick Sarah Palin’s Flip-Flop: She Was FOR the Federal “Bridge to Nowhere” Before She was AGAINST IT

This appeared in the Times of London TODAY:

[I]n a first unsettling revelation – which the McCain camp will hope does not become a pattern – the Anchorage Daily News reported yesterday that when she ran for governor Mrs Palin campaigned on a “build the bridge” platform. The newspaper, in a reference to John Kerry’s alleged “flip-flopping” in the 2004 presidential campaign, said: “Palin was for the Bridge before she was against it.”

In other words, the pork-barrel “bridge to nowhere” federal project that McCain says that Palin opposed on principle, was actually SUPPORTED by her during her run for governor—and only AFTER the bridge had gained national attention, and become a JOKE, and proved embarrassing to Republican politicians, did she REVERSE HER POSITION.

In short, she flip-flopped on the “bridge to nowhere” out of political expediency, and now McCain is trying to use her switch on the issue to portray her as a principled governor—fighting government waste!

How cynical is that?

In fact, in this interview with FOX News (below), McCain offers Palin’s opposition to “the bridge to nowhere” as the chief factor that influenced his decision to put her on the ticket with him!

In other words, if what McCain says below is true, then he placed her on his ticket for a reason that we now know is completely fallacious.

Put bluntly: McCain has selected Palin as his VP pick based on an erroneous factoid that he thinks he knows about her OR he is lying to the public, hoping we won’t notice that as a candidate she SUPPORTED the bridge:

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2 Responses to VP Pick Sarah Palin’s Flip-Flop: She Was FOR the Federal “Bridge to Nowhere” Before She was AGAINST IT

  1. David S says:

    re: No comments yet — be the first

    Hilarious – I see you only want comments from liberals. My well reasoned and polite comment was removed (since it doesnt suit your biases).

  2. santitafarella says:


    It looked like you had, without reading or watching what I had posted, simply pasted something from somewhere else into my blog post comments section.

    In other words, what you said did not address the blog that I had posted, so I thought it was generic spam of some sort.

    The youtube, for example, that I posted is from FOX news, not CNN. But your criticisms were directed at CNN—and at Wolf Blitzer—so it was confusing to me.

    That’s why I removed the comment.

    Feel free to comment here, but please respond to the posts themselves, and not just address things in a general way, and unrelated to the posts.

    If you look at my other posts, you will see that I let comments stand, regardless of viewpoint.

    Again, your post, because it was focused on CNN, looked like generic spam.

    I don’t care what you say about Wolf Blitzer. I do care if the subject of the post is ignored, and the writer shows no evidence of having actually read what I had to say.

    That’s what I thought you did.

    Sorry about that—I’ll try to be more careful if you post something in the future.

    Maybe the connection that you were making between what you posted and what I posted made perfect sense to you—but I couldn’t detect the connection.

    I had a similar experience a few days back with a liberal poster who ranted about George Bush beneath a post in which I was talking about English literature.

    I deleted that one too.

    Anyway, once again, sorry for making an error with regard to your post.

    I’ll try to be more careful with your stuff next time.


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