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Sarah Palin’s Pastor Problem: Palin Sat Through a Sermon, Just Two Weeks Ago, That May Hurt McCain with Jewish Voters

David Brickner may prove to be Sarah Palin’s Jeremiah Wright. Brickner, the founder of Jews for Jesus, was a guest preacher just two weeks ago in Palin’s home church, and according to a detailed article in Politico, PALIN WAS THERE when … Continue reading

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Pat (Buchanan) Likes Sarah (Palin), and Makes a Strong Case for Thinking That McCain May Have Changed the Course of History

In a recent essay, Pat Buchanan makes the best case that I’ve seen for Sarah Palin being a net positive for McCain. Money quote: For his boldness in choosing Palin, McCain deserves enormous credit. He has made an extraordinary gesture … Continue reading

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Alaska, Love It or Leave It?: For the Better Part of Seven Years (1995-2002) Sarah Palin’s Husband Was a Formally Registered Member of the Secessionist Alaska Independence Party!

This afternoon, TPM Online delivered this muckraking revelation (yet something else McCain’s vetters apparently failed to catch): The McCain camp today disputed rumors that presumptive vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin was ever registered with the secessionist Alaska Independence Party by releasing … Continue reading

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WHO Says Someone Who is a Young Earth Creationist and Global Warming Skeptic is Anti-Science? Physicist LAWRENCE KRAUSS Does, and He Says the PAULIN Pick Undermines McCain on SCIENCE ISSUES

Physicist Lawrence Krauss: The biggest blow to one’s confidence in John McCain’s commitment to sound science . . . came this week with his choice of running mate. Sarah Palin has not only expressed her disagreement with the entire scientific … Continue reading

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In 1972, George McGovern Withdrew His VP Pick Terry Eagleton. In 2008, will John McCain Do the Same with Sarah Palin?

If you look up the article at Wikipedia on Thomas Eagleton, George McGovern’s initial pick for VP in the 1972 presidential election, the parallels with Sarah Palin are rather striking: Like McGovern’s 1972 VP pick, Palin seems to be someone who … Continue reading

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“The debate over whether the Republican party is now unfit for public office at a national level is now resolved.” Conservative Andrew Sullivan on McCain’s VP Choice

Atlantic writer, and conservative, Andrew Sullivan today at his blog: [P]artly out of insane cynicism (did he really believe Hillary’s voters would switch over to vote for Palin?), partly out of a shallow liking for a shallow reading of Palin’s record, … Continue reading

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Is Sarah Palin Sympathetic with the Goals of the Far-Right, Theocratic Reconstructionist Movement? Frederick Clarkson Lays Out the Information that Suggest She Might Be

Journalist Frederick Clarkson, at his blog, lays out the rather disturbing background information about the Alaska Independence Party. The Alaska Independence Party (AIP) held its 2000 convention in Palin’s hometown, Wasalia, when Palin was mayor. The McCain campaign admits that … Continue reading

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Comfortable with Sarah Palin in This Picture?: Image of Lyndon Johnson Taking the Oath of Office in a Time of National Tragedy

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Think of “Caligula’s Horse”: Richard Cohen, of the Washington Post, Humorously Skewers the Shameless Surrogates Mendaciously Defending John McCain’s VP Pick

The Roman Emperor Caligula once famously elevated his horse to the position of “consul and priest.” And no doubt the Emperor had his sophistic apologists at the ready to defend his wise choice to outsiders. (And which, no doubt, shored … Continue reading

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“Like a Cat Covering Up Crap in Its Litter Box”: A Local Alaskan’s Response to the McCain Campaign’s Attempt to Whitewash Sarah Palin’s Connections to an Alaskan Secessionist Group

Lynette and Dexter Clark, officials of the Alaska Independence Party, claim that Sarah Palin was a member of their party for two years in the 1990s. The McCain campaign has come out this morning denying this. But few seem to dispute … Continue reading

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Question: Of the Thousands of Delegates at the 2008 Republican National Convention, How Many Are African American?

Answer: 36. Source: Conservative KFI Radio, Los Angeles It’s the lowest number of African American delegates to a Republican national party convention in history.

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Alaska First, Not America?: Sarah Palin’s Weird Link to an Alaskan Secessionist Movement

Conservative Atlantic blogger, Andrew Sullivan, in a bit of justified righteous indignation, is coming down hard on McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin for his VP—and McCain’s impulsiveness, and haphazard and perfunctory vetting process of her. Here’s Sullivan expressing outrage at McCain … Continue reading

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