Shock and Awe: Sarah Palin Invades America’s Consciousness With No Timetable For Occupation Withdrawal!

As a liberal, Sarah Palin’s performance at the 2008 Republican convention scared the crap out of me.

Like the Iraq war, Palin as VP was poorly thought out in advance, and accompanied by denial, but man, what an opening spectacle! 

And now the Republican party is going to go gleefully full-steam ahead with their Hockey mom who self-describes herself as a “bulldog with lipstick.”

I imagine if she ever reaches the White House (and she damn well might someday), she’ll pugnaciously echo Teddy Roosevelt in her foreign policy and liberal slaying swagger: “I may speak like a bulldog, but I carry a big lip stick!”

She is an almost perfect embodiment of smugness, imperviousness, and inflexibility.

My wife calls her a fembot.

Authoritarians will, of course, swoon over this stuff—and for who knows how long.

The Fox News and talk-radio “alternative reality theatre” of shameless sophistic apologists has already firmly congealed around Palin, setting her under their hard dome of rectitude.

But she’s still a poor VP pick for McCain in this election cycle.

Like the Iraq War, she’s polarizing and far more problematic than her surface level initially suggests.

Last night, at the Republican Convention, Sarah Palin reminded me of the “Mission Accomplished” sign, with high-fives and swagger all around.

It’s a delusion.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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