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The Gong Show: Charles Gibson Asked Her, and Sarah Palin Didn’t Know, What the Bush Doctrine Is! That’s Deserving of a Big Electoral GONG

Oh, if life were only like the Gong Show!: Alas, but it is like this: And here’s the transcript portion from the ABC News interview with Palin on Sept. 11, 2008: Gibson:  Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine? Palin:  In … Continue reading

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American Pathetic: Sarah Palin Does a Miss South Carolina Trying to Answer a Straightforward Foreign Policy Question

Do you support the Bush Doctrine, Ms. Palin?: Do you support geographical education, Ms. South Carolina?:

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Miss South Carolina v. Sarah Palin on Foreign Policy: Who is the More Articulate Spokesperson for America to the World?

Here’s Sarah Palin, like a deer in the headlights, incomprehending when Charles Gibson asks her a straightforward foreign policy question—Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?: And here is Miss South Carolina, articulating her vision for America and the world:

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“Making a Mockery of 9/11”: Joan Walsh, Editor in Chief of Salon.com, Weighs in on Sarah Palin’s Atrocious 9/11 Interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson

Money quote from Joan Walsh’s essay: 9/11/2008 could well be remembered as a low point in GOP history. It’s the day we learned beyond any doubt that John McCain put his manhood in a blind trust to win the presidency. … Continue reading

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Born Gay? Yet Another Major Scientific Study Finds Differences Between Gay and Straight Brains—And This Study Shows the Differences in Brain Areas that Scientists Believe Have Little Post-Natal Plasticity

On Sept. 11, 2008, Salon.com reported on a new Swedish study that strongly correlates adult sexual orientation with brain differences not subject to significant post-natal plasticity. Money quote: As the accuracy and resolution of brain imaging improve, we can expect … Continue reading

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Out of Her Depth: When Charles Gibson Asks Sarah Palin about the Bush Doctrine, She Doesn’t Know What It Is!

ABC’s Charles Gibson, in his interview with Sarah Palin, asks her a simple question about the Bush Doctrine, and it’s obvious that she doesn’t know what the Bush doctrine is! Gibson has to define it for her before she can … Continue reading

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Back to the Future: An Image of Book Burners and Icon Destroyers in Geneva, 1500s, and a Report by ABC News, 2008, on Sarah Palin’s Attempt to Ban Books from Wasilla Public Library

John Calvin’s Geneva, 16th century:                                             And Sarah Palin’s Wasilla, 21st century:

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BURNING AND BANNING: An Image of a Fascist Book Burner, in 1933, and an ABC News Report, in 2008, on Sarah Palin’s Attempt, as Mayor of Wasilla, to BOOK BAN

Berlin BOOK BURNING, May 10, 1933: And here’s ABC News’s 2008 report on Sarah Palin’s attempt at BOOK BANNING as Mayor of Wasilla:

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Ban, Baby, Ban, Palin’s Inferno: VP Pick-Sarah Palin, as Mayor of Wasilla, Tried to Remove and Ban Books from the Town’s Local Library

Mary Ellen Emmons was the President of the Alaska Library Association. She was also librarian at the Wasilla Public Library. As mayor, Sarah Palin asked Ms. Emmons whether she would, upon ordered to do so, remove objectionable books from the library’s collection. Ms. Emmons said NO. Ms. Palin … Continue reading

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