“Making a Mockery of 9/11”: Joan Walsh, Editor in Chief of Salon.com, Weighs in on Sarah Palin’s Atrocious 9/11 Interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson

Money quote from Joan Walsh’s essay:

9/11/2008 could well be remembered as a low point in GOP history. It’s the day we learned beyond any doubt that John McCain put his manhood in a blind trust to win the presidency. By most reports he wanted to pick Joe Lieberman as his running mate, but Karl Rove and James Dobson told him he couldn’t. So he chose someone who is unprepared to be president, who could well put the country at risk were she ever called to assume the presidency.

The fact that Sarah Palin sat for her humiliating interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson on 9/11 is one of those strange serendipitous events that makes one believe there’s order in the universe. Remember how 9/11 changed everything, especially our new seriousness about the larger world and foreign policy? Never again would we risk a president, maybe not even a senate candidate, without global experience and sophistication.

What a mockery Palin made of all that. I’ll get criticized as sexist for saying this, but I would say the same thing about a man who sounded this ignorant: Talking to Charles Gibson tonight, Palin sometimes reminded me of poor Miss South Carolina . . .

And here’s Miss South Carolina:

And here’s Sarah Palin showing incomprehension of Charles Gibson’s question on the Bush Doctrine:

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3 Responses to “Making a Mockery of 9/11”: Joan Walsh, Editor in Chief of Salon.com, Weighs in on Sarah Palin’s Atrocious 9/11 Interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson

  1. plantainman says:

    The interesting thing to me is the assertion that McCain wanted Lieberman but was told he couldn’t pick him. That is the first I’ve heard of it…and ‘by most reports’ is quite vague.

    Is there more clarification/citation on this out there? If so, that would be very interesting indeed.

  2. RoPiNi says:

    He wanted LIEberman to solidify his mavrick/bi-partisan image. Joe has also been kind enough to remind him in the past that there is a difference between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.

    John doesn’t really get that part of the “War on Terror”.


  3. plantainman says:

    Wait, I’m wondering though if this is speculation or if there is strong basis for this statement. I’m sure that McCain would not say his first choice was Liebermann but he was turned down by Rove. If that’s true, there must be some credible source somewhere?…

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