Martin Luther King, Were He Alive Today, Would Say, “Get Out There and Work Hard for Barack Obama.” This is Our Moment.

Martin Luther King, were he alive today, would tell us to redouble our efforts for this historic election, and not get discouraged by the forces of reaction.

After a too long hiatus, we have a chance to elect a president who represents what’s best about America—its love of freedom, equality, justice—its love of idealism—and its respect for reason and nuance.

Think of Thomas Jefferson. Think of Lincoln. And Elizabeth Cady Stanton. And Martin Luther King.

Honor Dr. King and do something over the coming days to help Obama win this election and take our country in a sane and hopeful direction.

Give young people a historic moment of hope, and something that they’ll remember for all of their lives:

“I voted for Barack Obama—and millions of others joined me—and he actually won!”

Things can be different.

Yes they can.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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7 Responses to Martin Luther King, Were He Alive Today, Would Say, “Get Out There and Work Hard for Barack Obama.” This is Our Moment.

  1. PalinRocks says:

    Here’s a newsflash to all of you silly Osama….oops…(I keep doing that) I mean “Obama” supporters:

    On or about October 5th, Biden will excuse himself from the ticket, citing health problems, and he will be replaced by Hillary. This is timed to occur after the VP debate on 10/2. There have been talks all weekend about how to proceed with this info. Generally, the feeling is that we should all go ahead and get it out there to as many blog sites and personal email lists as is possible. I have already seen a few short blurbs about this – the ‘health problem’ cited in those articles was aneurysm. Probably many of you have heard the same rumblings.

    However, at this point, with this inside info from the DNC, it looks like this Obama strategy will be a go. Therefore, it seems that the best strategy is to get out in front of this Obama maneuver, spell it out in detail, and thereby expose it for the grand manipulation that it is.

  2. santitafarella says:


    I’m not sure how, what you say above, relates to the actual post here.

    And your “Osama” reference is clearly unserious intellectually. Obama is in the best American traditions of this country.

    As for possibly putting Hillary on the ticket, that sounds great to me.

    What’s so conspiratorial about it if the Democrats were to switch up based on new information?

    That’s called being flexible, and not rigid, emotionally or intellectually.

    We need a new president who actually pays attention to reality and doesn’t run full speed ahead into the teeth of contrary evidence.

    Reason is a good thing.

  3. nicole gregory says:

    I’m hoping that Obama would be president and why would you spell his name wrong that’s just childish of you.

  4. kallie says:

    i hate obama. he is gross.

  5. mac says:

    obama rocks!

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