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The “Harvey Milk Day” Bill is on the Governor’s Desk for Signature. The Full Text of California Assembly Bill AB 2567, and Governor Schwarzenegger’s Phone Number, is Provided Below

I’m a supporter of AB 2567. The bill is on California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk. I hope that you’ll join me in making a brief call to the governor’s office and respectfully register your request that he sign the bill … Continue reading

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John McCain and Racism: In a New Ad, McCain Plays the Race Card in the Way That Jesse Helms or George Wallace Might Have

In perhaps the grossest ad of the political season (see the ad at the bottom of this post), John McCain isn’t even subtle about the way he uses visual images and racial stereotypes to manipulate white racial anxiety. The ad opens … Continue reading

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“A Shallow and Damagogic Politician”: Conservative Writer, Noah Millman, Sours on Palin, and Alludes, Alas, to William Blake

On Wednesday, Noah Millman confessed his disappointment with Sarah Palin, likening his response to her as a movement from Blakean innocence to sober experience. Money quote: [P]retty much everything she has said or done since her appearance on the national stage – beginning … Continue reading

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Ron Paul is Asked, by Phil Gramm, to Endorse John McCain. His Response: McCain is “Not Somebody I Could Endorse, Ever.”

Libertarian Republican Ron Paul puts it bluntly. On both economic and foreign policy grounds, McCain is “not somebody I could endorse, ever.”

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Sarah Palin Metaphor Watch: John McCain’s Wile E. Coyote Goes Over the Cliff. Jonathan Chait, of the New Republic, Soberly Lays Out Palin’s Seemingly Bottomless Fall

Everybody, apparently, doesn’t love Sarah. Calling Sarah Palin “Sarah Quaylin,” Jonathan Chait today documents Palin’s rapid descent from her populist summit: Ever since John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, I’ve gotten confused about all the reasons I’m supposed to … Continue reading

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American Pathetic: Sean Hannity Lets Sarah Palin Simply Ignore the Question, “Did You Support the Bridge to Nowhere Before You Opposed It?”

The FOX News Hannity “interview” of Sarah Palin functioned, not as a journalistic interview, but as an opportunity for Palin, under the guise of an interview, to recite her talking points, clarify her bungles, and then say, “See, I did an interview. Now … Continue reading

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It’s Been about a Month Now—And Sarah Palin Still Hasn’t Sat Down for Interviews on the Sunday Morning Press Shows, or Held a Press Conference. What’s Going on Here? Are We a Democracy—or Is This Putin’s Russia?

The McCain surrogate below offers one of the most shameless performances I’ve ever seen. Sarah Palin’s tight scripting and general unavailability to the press is a gross and cynical corruption of democracy:

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WWJS (What Would Jesus Support?): Would Jesus Have Supported “Harvey Milk Day”?

Yesterday afternoon (September 18, 2008), on KBRT radio, California-based religious broadcaster Rich Buhler, who has a reputation for relative calm, and even occasional political moderation, came out in opposition to an assembly bill on Governor Scharzenegger’s desk that would make … Continue reading

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“Harvey Milk Day” in California? Governor Schwarzenegger Has to Sign the Bill First. And He Might Not.

A California assembly bill that would make May 22nd of each year “Harvey Milk Day” is on the governor’s desk, but he hasn’t indicated whether he’ll sign it yet. And some groups are starting to gin up opposition. Rich Buhler, a … Continue reading

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