American Pathetic: Sean Hannity Lets Sarah Palin Simply Ignore the Question, “Did You Support the Bridge to Nowhere Before You Opposed It?”

The FOX News Hannity “interview” of Sarah Palin functioned, not as a journalistic interview, but as an opportunity for Palin, under the guise of an interview, to recite her talking points, clarify her bungles, and then say, “See, I did an interview. Now leave me alone!”

Notice below, for example, in her response to Hannity on the Bridge to Nowhere, that she is simply allowed to ignore the question being raised in the press—“Did you support the Bridge to Nowhere before you opposed it?”—and that Hannity does not interrupt her answer, or press her on it, or in any way follow up on the question by asking her to respond directly.

In other words, he allows her to prevaricate—and accepts her prevarication as an “answer.”

Also notice that the FOX News screen immediately displays as text, after it leaves her mouth, her verbatim talking point: “I killed the Bridge to Nowhere, I think I ruffled some feathers there.”

What we are watching, in short, is propaganda worthy of anything that might be seen in an authoritarian society—or might have been seen on Soviet television in the 1980s, or in Moscow’s old newspaper, Pravda.

Here is a clip from the gross chirade:

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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