Thomas Muthee, the Kenyan Witch Hunter and Exorcist Who Prayed Over Sarah Palin Before Her Run for Governor, Was Featured on Keith Olbermann’s Show Tonight

The Times of London’s disturbing article on Thomas Muthee prompted Keith Olbermann to do a segment on him.

Here’s a quote from Muthee that the segment displayed for viewers to absorb:

If you’re not up to speed on Muthee, here’s the short version:

He is a Kenyan evangelist who has visited Wasilla Assembly of God church numerous times. On one of those occasions, as recounted by Sarah Palin (in June of this year), he prayed a powerful blessing over her when she ran for governor, and she spoke fondly of him.

But this past week, the Times of London did an investigative piece on the evangelist and found that his ministry started with a literal witch hunt in which he claimed that, over a community in Kenya, was a spirit of witchcraft.

He subsequently targeted, as a witch, a specific woman in the community named Mama Jane.

He had the community so stirred up about her that she was literally driven from her home.

Muthee accused her of causing nearby car accidents through the casting of spells, and the police even raided her home, allegedly killing a snake that she kept as a pet.

Mama Jane’s current wherabouts has not been reported. At this point, we only know that she was driven from her home and community because Thomas Muthee accused her of being a witch and gave her a public ultimatum to convert or leave the community.

Supposedly, after she left, the community became a model of Christian revival and piety, with bars closing and church’s multiplying.

And apparently Thomas Muthee will be visiting Wasilla, Alaska THIS WEEK, so we may be hearing more about him in the upcoming news cycles.

I think it’s curious that he’s visiting in the midst of the campaign. He may actually want attention and press exposure. Or it may simply be coincidental.

More on Muthee and Mama Jane here.

And in memory of Mama Jane and her slain snake, below is a Monty Python clip (“Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition”). The way the 21st century is shaping up, maybe we SHOULD expect something like a Spanish Inquisition in the near future. It already happened to Mama Jane, didn’t it?

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5 Responses to Thomas Muthee, the Kenyan Witch Hunter and Exorcist Who Prayed Over Sarah Palin Before Her Run for Governor, Was Featured on Keith Olbermann’s Show Tonight

  1. kd says:

    you guys are effing nuts

  2. goozad says:

    Very Nice

    Thank You

  3. Pat says:

    McCain has unfortunately chosen an unbalanced woman to be his VP nominee.

  4. Yahweh says:

    He was an excorcist huh? From the sounds of things he lost.

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