Katie Couric Flusters Sarah Palin with Simple Questions. Here’s One of Them: In All His Years as a Senator, Can You Give Examples of John McCain Supporting More Regulatory Oversight of Wall Street?

Still no Sunday morning show press interviews. Still no press conferences.

But after seeing Sarah Palin’s bleak performance with Katie Couric, no wonder the McCain campaign so strictly manages Palin’s exposure to the press, and only doles out interviews in trickling, homeopathic doses.

Sarah Palin can’t seem to parry well intellectually with even basic reporter questions.

Very scary: 

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7 Responses to Katie Couric Flusters Sarah Palin with Simple Questions. Here’s One of Them: In All His Years as a Senator, Can You Give Examples of John McCain Supporting More Regulatory Oversight of Wall Street?

  1. Barb says:

    I would bet if really pressed, Palin would admit that she believes the wild animal the wolf is a “witch.”

    She is ignorant and frightening.

  2. sandra from New Hampshire says:

    I feel sorry for Sarah Palin – she’s out of her league. This interview proves it. For her to stare into the camera and say to the american people she is ready to be our president if necessary…that’s a crock of s–t!
    Poor Hillary Clinton — she must be turning inside out when she watches Sarah Palin campaiging. If it is Sarah that makes John McCain win the presidency — it is a very sad day for the United States.

    I am impressed more than ever with Barack Obama. He is steady as a rock through this tumultious week. I feel more confident about the future with him as our president. After Bush’s remarks the other night I hope it is clear to everyone that we need a huge change in course and I think Obama can do that for America…..an honest, outfront, thoughtful and caring approach to running our country!

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow-this is what american has come to……I’ll find you some and bring them to you………….Not presidential material people

  4. Too many false persons try to define God solely based on their own limited personal experiences, knowledge, and if it did not happen to them it cannot happen to anyone else…

  5. Garen from O-H-I-O says:

    are you all retarted?? You hear the media screamin that that was the worst interveiw ever, and you all jump on the band wagon. That interveiw wasn’t good, wasn’t really bad either. although Palin nicely avoided a few questions(not flustered the answers). whos the all time champ of avoiding questions? Mr. Obama, you all want change, but you have no real clue what he’s changing. I don’t really know that i even heard a complete answer in the last presidental debate. McCain asked on such question how hes been to both iraq and afganistan quite a few times to see whats really going on, and why or how can Obama disagree with such a war, when hes NEVER traveled to either country. He babbled around the question and when straight back to “change” we need to “change” america. Obamas a dead on socialist, and i find a very scary times coming if he gets elected.

    PS. Palin doesn’t have enough experience?? what do you think everyone has been saying about Barak for every election hes had to a higher office thus far. ruff people…ruff

  6. santitafarella says:


    i make up my own mind on palin. i don’t follow the media’s “cues.” the media, if anything, has been far too easy on palin.

    for example, the media isn’t making a stink about the fact that she is running for the second highest office in the land and has not held a press conference.

    isn’t that wierd?

    are we living in putin’s russia?

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