Still More Context on Sarah Palin’s Exorcist, Thomas Muthee: Witchcraft Fear is Widespread in Kenya and the Catholic Church Has Long Struggled Against It

In December of 2007, Digital Journal had a brief item about rampant witchcraft superstition in Kenya, and the Catholic Church’s struggle against it.

Money quote: 

In Nairobi, Kenya one of the biggest challenges for the Roman Catholic Church according to the Catholic Information Service for Africa is witchcraft. When there is no natural explanation for death, sickness or a natural disaster people in this region tend to look for a scapegoat instead of chalking the unexplained up to a natural occurrence. Those accused of witchcraft are punished and in some cases murdered.

According to Bishop Marzinkowski the belief in witchcraft existed prior to the rise of the Catholic Church in this area and many of the church haven’t had their faith rooted deeply enough to not question when things go wrong.

In light of the Catholic Church’s responsible struggling against Kenyans’ widespread fear of witches and witchcraft, Thomas Muthee appears in a rather unfavorable light. 

The success of his cult now seems to be based, not on the introduction of novel ideas among the Kenyan population, but on the exploitation of Kenyans’ already pervasive superstitions regarding evil spirits and witchcraft.

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