Katie Couric Asks Sarah Palin What Newspapers and Magazines Have Shaped Her Thinking Over the Years—And Palin Can’t Come Up with a Single One!

The New Republic? The Weekly Standard? Foreign Affairs? Commentary? National Review? The New York Times? People Magazine? Christianity Today? The Atlantic Monthly? The National Enquirer? Charisma?

What are we to make of a VP candidate who clearly doesn’t read, or follow the debates of our time, in any serious fashion?

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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6 Responses to Katie Couric Asks Sarah Palin What Newspapers and Magazines Have Shaped Her Thinking Over the Years—And Palin Can’t Come Up with a Single One!

  1. saysalice says:

    We are to make fun of her, relentlessly, until she is shamed off the ticket.


  2. cgicon says:

    Katie asks a stoopid question like that ? and SHE isnt the one getting the heat? LOL

  3. michelle2005 says:

    One of the comments above said, “Katie asks a stoopid question like that ? and SHE isnt the one getting the heat? ”

    EXCUSE ME! This was a legitmate question based on the fact that in a previous interview Palin SAID she gets a lot of her information from reading books and magazines. Perhaps, the one that left the above comment missed that interview.

    We were at our friends home when this latest interview took place…and even their children noticed Palin didn’t name a single book or publication.

    If you ask the average person where Palin stands on the ISSUES…they usually stare…then answer what a good Mom she is, or that she’s a working mom. One delegate at the RNC convention that was interviewed said, “She rides a motorcycle, just like I do!” Well…there ya go! That’s about the level of rationale from most.

    But lets not forget her foreign policy experience due to her close proximity to Russia. Yet, she’s close to the North Pole too…does this mean she also has experience with Santa Claus?

    However, she really was in Moscow. Oops! That was Moscow, Idaho…where she went to college (of course there were a series of colleges before she actually got a degree…in journalism!)


  4. santitafarella says:

    Asking what books and magazines have had a formative role in the development of someone’s thinking is an extremely important question. It tells you a lot about a person’s mind, and his or her depth of reflection (or lack of it).

    Obama, if he’s elected, reads literary fiction (Saul Bellow etc.), and, as a young man, was a close reader of Neitzsche.

    He’s been a lifelong voracious reader—and his thought, in my view, reflects the nuance of that experience.

    I want to know where Palin’s at intellectually. I’m suspicious that she may be functionally illiterate. Not that she can’t read, but that she is without basic understanding of science, philosophy, economics, psychology, political science, world literature, foreign policy, diplomacy, history—all the things that a President or Vice-President ought to be conversant in.

    We live in a multifaceted and complex world. Our political leaders should have educational backgrounds that have trained them in the complexities of the world and of human nature.

    And they should display scientific literacy. (Has Palin ever read, for example, The Origin of Species? Has she ever read a science book in her life?)

  5. Gary says:

    As an American, I am appalled that someone as unequivocally unqualified as Sarah Palin was named as a VP candidate. I’m further flabbergasted that many Americans can listen to her and not see that. It’s sad.

    As a comedian…this is a blast. She has my vote as Celebrity MILF of the year.

    Read my blog about Sarah at http://www.clickoncomedy.com/comedyblog/sarahpalin.html

  6. otter says:

    We can blog and gripe and make snarky comments all we want, OR we can do this the good ol’ American way… put the joke on a t-shirt and wear our politics on our sleeves. Political t-shirts at POW-MILF.com

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