Palin “Blew It”: Astute Political Observer, Joan Walsh, Gives the VP Debate to Biden

Joan Walsh of thinks Biden won the debate, and that Palin made two key blunders that may linger and dog her:

There were two key moments for me when Sarah Palin blew it badly. One was substantive, one was symbolic. The substantive was her bizarre statement about being happy that Dick Cheney had expanded the powers of the vice-presidency, and wanting to expand the powers more. I think that’s what she said, it was one of many moments I didn’t entirely understand her point, but I got her overall meaning. Biden came back with a decisive: “Vice President Cheney has been the most dangerous vice president in American history,” and he defended the existing limits on vice-presidential power. Point: Biden. Big time.

The symbolic moment Palin flubbed was subjective, of course. But I instant-messaged a friend that she lost the debate when Biden choked up over losing his wife and child in a car accident in which his sons were critically injured — and she went straight back into “John McCain is a maverick.” I truly expected her to express human sympathy with Biden, and her failure to do so showed me something deeply wrong with her. But maybe that’s just me.

She made other mistakes that others have already caught: She called the top commander in Afghanistan “General McClellan”; his name is David McKiernan. She said the troop levels in Iraq are down to pre-surge levels; they’re not. She simply didn’t answer a lot of the questions. Moderator Gwen Ifill tried to pull her back, but Palin is stubborn; she had her talking points, and she stuck to them.

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2 Responses to Palin “Blew It”: Astute Political Observer, Joan Walsh, Gives the VP Debate to Biden

  1. average am says:

    She looked and sounded like a stepford wive for entire debate. I am an African-American single woman with no children. I am educated and own my own small business. Sarah Palin is NOT in touch with reality. In the debate, she looked as if she were looking in a mirror and practicing her lines for movie. She was like an animated doll. I think she’s pretty and maybe even good at what she does in Alaska, but the thought of her running our country SCARES me and everyone else I know. Did anyone notice that she looked like she had a microphone in her hair and someone was telling her what to say? Do people think she “won” the debate just because she didn’t as badly as they assumed she would? I voted for Hillary in the primary and if

  2. average am says:

    cont… IF Hillary would have picked for Obama’s running mate, I would have NO doubts about her possibly running the country, but Palin can’t even answer a simple question about ANYTHING… As far as people saying that she’s a breath of fresh air, was the air so STALE for the republicans they needed a hockey mom to get them going? AND who are the women that think she’s so great? She is forcing her 17 year old to get married for the sake of her political career instead of doing what’s right by her daughter? AND is she going to still be able to be a “hockey mom” if she’s VP? AND who’s going to be taking care of her baby IF she’s VP and has to travel like Dick Cheney does now? She is NOT a good mother because she is putting her political career above the needs of her family. As a woman, I think she’s DISGUSTING. She is 44 years old. Raise your kids first and then do politics…

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