Here Comes the “L-Word”—But It’s Not the One That You Might Expect explores the possibility that Obama is heading for a landslide.

Money quote:

Three weeks of historic economic upheaval have done more than just tilt a handful of once reliably Republican states in Barack Obama’s direction. Democratic strategists are now optimistic that the ongoing crisis could lead to a landslide Obama victory.

Four large states John McCain once seemed well-positioned to win — Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida — have in recent weeks shifted toward Obama. If Obama were to win those four states — a scenario that would represent a remarkable turn of events — he would likely surpass 350 electoral votes.

Under almost any feasible scenario, McCain cannot win the presidency if he loses any of those four states. And if Obama actually captured all four states, it would almost certainly signal a strong electoral tide that would likely sweep the Southwestern swing states — Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada — not to mention battlegrounds from New Hampshire to Iowa to Missouri.

Know hope.

Go Obama.


About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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1 Response to Here Comes the “L-Word”—But It’s Not the One That You Might Expect

  1. And if pigs had wings, they could fly! This race is far from over. It was at this point in the last political election, that the pundits were declaring a victory for John Kerry, as well!

    The Liberal mainstream media is hoping, once again, to convince Republicans that the race is lost and that they might as well stay home. Only time will tell if they will listen.

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