“He is a decent person, and a person that you do not have to be scared as President of the United States”: John McCain on Barack Obama, Refusing to Demonize His Opponent

I am super proud of John McCain tamping down the more hysterical statements of those at his rallies.

It reminds me of the McCain that I have sometimes admired—such as the one who, during the primaries, said (against Mitt Romney) that the United States must not condone or engage in torture.

But let’s just hope that this rebuke of the crazy elements within his party isn’t a “one off” occurrence—and that McCain does this EVERY TIME a person at one of his rallies talks about Obama in racist, paranoid, or hysterical terms.

I truly believe that if McCain does not continue to do as he (nobly) did today, that the hysteria on the Manichean right could rise to such a pitch that unstable people might be aroused to try to injure or kill Obama.

It would be a tragedy of historic import if the first African American man to rise to the presidency—or who was on the verge of winning the presidency—was gunned down in an atmosphere of right wing apocalyptic cultural frenzy and resentment.

Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and the whole Fox News crowd need to follow McCain, and put their country first, and bring the rhetoric to a civil level surrounding this election.

I see in the energies of some of McCain’s crowd members a resonance with Nathaniel Hawthorn’s 1835 short story, “Young Goodman Brown.” When I hear one of McCain’s supporters speaking of Obama as a secret terrorist I say to myself, “There goes a Goodman Brown.”

Goodman Brown saw devils everywhere—and Hawthorn’s story tracks, in fine detail, the Puritan psyche. It’s informative of the kinds of psychological fires that McCain and Palin have been toying with in their ads and rallies.

I talk about “Young Goodman Brown” in relation to this election more here.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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100 Responses to “He is a decent person, and a person that you do not have to be scared as President of the United States”: John McCain on Barack Obama, Refusing to Demonize His Opponent

  1. Bill Steffenhaen - LaCrosse, WI says:

    Most of us know something about lighting the charcaol grill. You get the coals arranged, squirt on the fluid and light it. The initial flame burns down and gradually, the coals become hot embers for cooking. But sometimes, those coals just don’t get going very well, so what do you do. You squirt some more fluid on them. Then what happens? Nothing…..until you toss on the lit match. Then there is the instant hot flare as that fluid, doubly heated from the underlying coals, burst into flame. It goes without saying that if you’re too close, you will get burned. We’ve all probably had a few arm hairs singed that way.

    John McCain’s campaign began to flag. The coals didn’t quite get going. So what did he do? He and Sarah Palin have been busily squirting on the fluid, lots of fluid, too much fluid, and in their frustration and haste they haven’t noticed how close the grill is to the house. They have even lit the match, but instead of tossing it on the coals, they have carelessly passed the match to someone else at the backyard party without paying attention to who it was. All it takes now is for that someone to throw that match on the coals to start a conflagration. That match represents potential harm to Obama. If it gets tossed on the coals……..

    You better find that match John, and blow it out and hope to God it isn’t already too late. I saw you try to blow it out today but it’s beginning to look like it’s one of those trick matches that keeps relighting itself. What ya gonna do now John?

  2. Chris Garbett says:

    Too little too late. They have incited to violence and McCain lost any ethics or morals he ever had.

  3. Jonathan S says:

    How in the world can anyone in their right mind criticize McCain for these remarks? My respect level just went up about five notches.

  4. Robbie Robinson says:

    In reading and viewing the news on McCain and Palin’s obsession to start a fire and not able to put the flames out is in my mind a terrorismt; an act to cause member’s of their party to become racist, hateful, and with the very intent to either harm or kill Sen. Obama. Is this the party of Lincolin, the Republican party? McCain and Palin are not fit to lead this country; their actions to incite hate, cause violence, and make the party a racist party has now become a pernament part of their political record. McCain and Palin is not my friend, they have friends indeed, only those friends who want to hate people of a different color and race. Yes, “too little too late”, inciting violence by McCain and Palin have “lost any ethics and morals” they both ever had. Okay McCain and Palin, how you gonna put out the fire which is now gettin bigger and bigger, with hockey sticks?

  5. Bill Melater says:

    LMAO! Do you really think McCain has had a changeof heart? Tomorrow, he’s going to say, “See! See what a maverick I am! I stand up for what is right amd proper wherever it needs to be stood up for…” blah blah blah.

    But the ads won’t stop and I doubt Palin will stop either.

    It’s just another stunt, don’t be deceived.

  6. Mike Pavey says:

    Im a 55year old man and have never seen so much disrespect given to another US citizen,that McCain and Palin has dumped on Obama.I have been around this old world for a while and I truly thought I had seen all the dirty cheap political tricks,but this takes first place.I now fear for Obama and I hope GOD looks after him.I think its time for McCain to back out of this race I know its close to Nov.4 but if those two are allowed to go on with there disragard to there rival,I hope Mr. Obama wins in a land slide.I also think Palin better start worrying about whats in her closet,doesnt look like she been so honest as she would like us all to believe.

  7. plaidlemur says:

    I don’t know if he can control the mob he’s created. He’s not a natural leader, as shown by the crowd booing him when he wanted to attempt making nice. His campaign created Palin as the ticket’s head, and as strange as it sounds, I think she needs to get in on the niceties to convince the angry witch hunt they’ve created to douse their torches.


  8. Ron McLeod says:

    At the start of the primarys I actualy considerd McCain as the best choice. I have been a Dem Liberal all my life and am 55 yrs old. However over the course of this campaign I have come to the reality that McCain is no maveric except in the sense that he is showing how low he can go. I can’t believe that I used to respect this racist liar. As for Palin she is no more than window dressing to attract the mentaly disfunctional femminests seething over the clinton issue. It is moraly wrong to vote based on gender or race. If McCain should be elected you can bet that Palin will be be put back in the closet of obscurity that she was pulled from and sales for her glasses will fade as fast as her 15 minutes of shame. Shame on you McCain

  9. Suzanna Sylkinfur says:

    Let us all hope that the Secret Service can keep Mr. Obama safe from the hate that McCain and Palin are happily spreading through out our country. Here in Michigan, there are rumors of a massive bounty put on Mr. Obama’s head by a white supremacist group. And yet in light of this, McCain and Palin continue to fan the flames. They have to be aware of the danger they are subjecting Mr. Obama (and our entire country) to unless they are both brain dead or just don’t give a crap.
    If (God forbid) Mr.Obama is assassinated, the ensuing riots will tear this country apart. And the blame will be squarely on McCain’s shoulders.

  10. Virgil Linebrink says:

    McCain better leave his admiration at the door and convice the people that he really wants the job. Who are these people making these threats? Were they sent by the other side? Perhaps we made the wrong choice in nominating McCain. The ball is in his court will he go on offense or maintain his un-successfull defensive style.

  11. Robert Winter Hughes says:

    Our Republic is in deeper trouble than just a financial crisis. When alternative views are purposely misinterpreted and given as fact; when lies become the normal way of doing business, and the character of a person becomes the point of attack instead of the important issues, we turn into the very deamons we proclaim to despise. Through our complacency, we have allowed the McCains and the Pallins of this country to gain a foothold, and then we are shocked when things like this happen. As the world watches, we put on a show of pettiness, and cowardice. John McCain, a symbol of heroism, and courage, has found himself at the trough with the pigs. When you roll with them, regardless of lipstick, you become one.

    We have an uphill battle at hand. The honesty of our election process is in peril, and a cancer is growing throughout the land. As stalwart Americans we must remain alert to those who would drag us down; hold them in check. Our forefathers deserve our vigilance. May we all pray for the safety of Senator Obama and his family.

  12. Eileen Schatz says:

    What a Shame that McCain has allowed himself, with the help of Palin, to slide down this Slippy Slope of Nasty politics. Theres a circle of LIFE, that I`ve seen over my 71 years, and that is… what you give out, ALWAYS come back to YOU in SPADES !! I`m also sadden to see how Palin has let herself become the Bulldog here. It shows me again… the disrespect that the Republicans seem to feel towards WOMEN. Even to use McCain`s wife to say what she said about the chill she felt when she heard that Obama didn`t vote for an issue for our soldiers, but then I guess she she felt that Chill when her Husband didn`t vote on that issue ..either. Even the Vets that PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE realize that McCain isn`t the Maverick he claims to be there. Let me say too, What politician doesn`t have some past that they wish they could re-write, but, that being said…thats seems to be the case in all Our Lives. I`ve lost ALL RESPECT for McCain and certainly hope the people that vote….THINK BEFORE THEY VOTE..

  13. M.S.Salapatek says:

    Even the blind can see what this disgraceful campaign McCain and his
    running mate are all about. It is as clear as black and white, night and day, light and dark etc. At all costs keep the white house white.
    Some of my best friends are W.A.S.P. (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants)
    but all of those who are jackasses get the most claim for shame.

  14. Ranjha says:

    I am deeply impressed by McCain’s character. After listening to his running mate’s big mouth I was going to vote democratic but now, after hearing McCain’s kind words for his opponent, I have changed my mind. I will vote for McCain. He is a man of very high morals who should be respected and honored by all. McCain is the great American hero.

  15. Robert Winter Hughes says:

    Character means standing up for what is right from the beginning, not after making mistakes and seeing them get out of hand. If the slanderous remarks had not been made in the beginning, he might well have retained his integrity.

  16. Robert JAeger says:

    I find it interesting that all Obama has to do is deflect comments, and use his talking points of golden parachutes and change. He does not have any real substance. If he wanted regulations for the banking industry, why didn’t he introduce them. He is a Senator, they do have that ability. There is no substance, and no one is asking any real questions. Well they are, the candidates don’t answer them.

  17. Eva Cutler says:

    If Mc Caine did not know that his and Palins Hitler-like hate mongering would escalate into a frightening mass hysteria, than he is has no regard for decency and fairness to begin with.
    A man like him is less than worthy of ANY POLITICAL POSITION , not alone to be considered a contender for the highrst in the land- and THE EXAMPLE OF DECENT, HUMANITARIAN LEADERSHIP THE WORLD OVER,

  18. rjsmith says:

    McCain has run a “smudge” campaign from the very beginning. It’s funny that now, instead of focusing on important issues, like the economy, he has to defend Obama. It’s his own doing. He deserves to lose for stooping so low. McCain = Desperation.

    I am a conservative republican, but you bet your as* I’m voting democratic this time around.

  19. mizzo says:

    I run a blog written from a Black perspective and it’s very encouraging to see these very well written words from intelligent level headed people.

    We fear something happening to Obama. I even wrote a poem highlighting my personal fear:


    I’m a little abstract in my poetry but I hope you get the point.

    Thanks for easing my mind this Saturday morning. I’ll link here come back often. You all give me hope for a better Republic.

  20. rjsmith says:

    “14. Ranjha – October 11, 2008 – I am deeply impressed by McCain’s character. After listening to his running mate’s big mouth I was going to vote democratic but now, after hearing McCain’s kind words for his opponent, I have changed my mind. I will vote for McCain. He is a man of very high morals who should be respected and honored by all. McCain is the great American hero.”

    Do us all a favor, stay home and please don’t vote. You probably also admire people who make their children sick then take them to the hospital to get them better – people with Munchausen Syndrome.
    You’ve got to be kidding!!! Don’t vote. You’ve no idea what’s going on in the world or in this country.

  21. jose ortiz says:

    Sen. MacCain is right about sen. Obama.Some white people are still in the days of k.k.k. thinking.Sen McCain is a true hero and I HOPE HE WILL, keep doing the right the thing: DEFENDING the rights of Freedom.Win or not.

  22. johnsmith says:

    “He’s an Arab!” ……ROFLMA.

    But anyway, that was a staged question.

    Obama is mulatto and he identifies 100% with the African-American community by choice, as he stated in his book.

    He has every right to do so.

  23. mrs.smith says:

    What hysteria?
    Booing a candidate or an idea expressed by a candidate?? That is commonplace.
    When she said, “He’s an Arab”, the crowd initially chuckled.
    Does not sound like hysteria to me.

    There will be plants and hecklers in every crowd.
    Well, maybe not in an Obama crowd as they might get beat up.

  24. AMK says:

    Comment #1 sounds like exactly the kind of fear mongering we should be paying close attention to.

    Is Mr. Steffenhaen really worried about the damage McCain’s “lighter fluid campaign,” might cause Obama? There seems to be an unstated “therefore” left for the reader to fill in.

    If that is the case, I believe we all have a duty to vote for the candidate we believe will do the best job as President – not the one who is most likely to placate the few who might throw a fit if they can’t have their way.

    Be confident in all of our abilities to ensure true democracy and freedom for the USA, and resist decisions born of fear.

  25. TeamKlemm says:

    These comments are just rich. Let’s see, it is John McCain’s fault if someone decides to make an attempt on Obama’s life. It’s Bush’s fault, singlehandedly, that the economy is crap. (nevermind we have had a Democratic Congress for the last 2 years) I had no idea ONE person, the President, could have SO MUCH POWER, that there are no checks and balances in this system, that he could SINGLE HANDEDLY run this country into the ground. Amazing.

    You know, this “it’s someone elses fault” mentality is what has driven this country in the crapper. It all started with the scaulding cup of coffee from McDonald’s and it has gone down hill ever since. NO ONE, especially Liberals, want to take ANY personal responsibility!! It is ALWAYS someone elses fault. The IDEA that John McCain would be RESPONSIBLE for some nutjob doing something horrible is RIDICULOUS!!!

    Are you all the same people who thought Sarah Palin’s baby was actually her daughters in disguise? I remember reading so much of these dumb azz conspiracy theories on these blogs it just blew me away. It was like something out of a SOAP OPERA! The problem isn’t so much with the candidates, it’s the people of this country that have lost their FREAKING MINDS! The woman that thought Obama was an ARAB is CRAZY just as much as the people on here with their conspiracy theories and this deluded sence of entitlement and their ideas that a candidate running for President can somehow influence a person enough to MAKE THEM assisinate someone.

    I teach my children that no one can MAKE THEM do anything. I am teaching my children to take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions. If they say “well, this person was teasing me and made me mad and I hit them” that is NOT acceptable. That bully didn’t MAKE them mad, they CHOSE to get mad and take inappropriate action. We teach our children that there are CONSEQUENCES for their actions. If you behave badly you do not get privladges. It’s incredibly simple yet this country is FULL of people who were either NOT raised that way or are currently NOT raising their family that way. Teachers? How often do you hear “There is no way my little Johnny/Jill would have done such a thing?” ALL THE TIME!


  26. SpeakTruth says:

    I am sorry for all those folks out there that believe that McCain/Palin has been treated fairly by the media. BO is treated as some sort of unquestionable deity (just bringing up his back ground, friends or associates and it is labeled racists) Gafman Biden is never record for fear that he might talk.

    Now McCain is treated as some old worn out sock and Palin, well the media can not stuff that gal into any of their well defined box’s, basically she scares them. I just hope that she will get the chance to put those corrupt SOBs out of work.

    There are so many, Dodd, Reid, Pelosi, Franks, etc … . Do not forget that one and his Chicago mob (Resko, Soros, Ayers, Sandler, …). Where is the media in bring that group to light. The best they could do is allow some silly skit on SNL? It is these SOBs that are responsible for the financial crisis.

    Please do not come back with the “unregulated” greed on wall street reason that BO uses. Watch that silly SNL skit again, as funny as it is, it is fundamental true. Bush (and McCain) did attempt to bring on new regulations that might have averted this crisis. The SOBs mentioned above filibustered and stop it, wonder why? Because they are corrupt, that is why.

  27. Baby Power Dyke says:

    Perhaps if Senator McCain had SHOWED that he actually thought this about Barack Obama (instead of refusing to look him in the eye during debates, or refusing to shake his hand, or by calling him “That One,” or by not giving in to pressure by his campaign managers to engage in inflammatory “he’s not one of us,” “I’m afraid,” “he’s dangerous,” “who is he” statements) I’d be willing to give McCain a pat on the back for just doing his job to be a decent human being.

  28. gasdocpol says:

    McCain looked like a failing old man as he tried to rspond to the woman.

    The woman had been confused by the McCain campaign and she confused McCain .

  29. davidbroder says:

    I like the way when she says “he’s an Arab”, McCain doesn’t say “there’s nothing wrong with being an Arab, and Obama isn’t one anyway”, but instead says “he’s not [an Arab]… he’s a decent family man”.

  30. I applaud McCain for not letting this type of rhetoric continue and attempting to set the record straight. Politics is politics but we must reward politicians who conduct themselves in a professional manner. That being said, I think Obama has the upper hand at this point.

  31. Robert says:


    How could you think that BO is corrupt? Just because SNL shows that his friends are.

    BTW SNL and NBC has censored that video, so it must not exist.

  32. blackshepherd says:

    Hurrah! For John McCain! I will not support him for president but I am so relieved to have reason to respect him again as a man…as I did prior to learning so many negative things (particularly the gambling stuff…I would be so much more relieved if he would admit that Foxwoods used loaded dice on his junket to ensure that that shit ends…pronto!)
    But I respect John McCain the aviator, the war hero, the Viet Nam Vet, the P.O.W. and more now for this gesture which is so necessary to the cultural growth of our great country. If I ever meet you now John you get a big hug whereas before I would have avoided you like the plague. I cannot support John because of his Bushian insistence on pursuing the insane Middle East policies.
    As far as I can remember in my 52 years as an American I cannot recall a more civilized gesture during a hotly contested Presidential election. Also it goes a long way toward helping me to accept Barack who I was dead set against because of his apparent arrogance and stupid comments about reparation etc…but I now am reconsidering and probably will end up voting for and supporting him and hopefully contributing in some way. I respect the region of McCain’s character from which his summation of Barack’s came. I can see that I
    may soon have reason to be a proud/humble American again. Barack could be so great for this country if he plays his cards right. Anyway…I’m proud of you today John McCain.

  33. embrownny says:

    Let’s just hope that McCain can put out this fire before it spreads further–and stick to the issues. Maybe he’ll prove himself to be the man I once considered voting for. Now, of course John McCain and his team aren’t “making” people do anything. But they have done enough to incite the people who already have a seed of the thought in their minds.

  34. nextgen08 says:

    I’m not a McCain supporter, but he did the right thing. I think this sort of campaigning a few months ago may have led him to the White House. Unfortunately for him, it may be too late to save a tattered reputation.
    This reminded me of the McCain that I supported for President in 2000. I wish he had run for president in 2008, he may have been able to gain my support again.

    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen Politics

  35. SpeakTruth says:

    Now if BO could earn some respect and turn off his buds. I can not vote for him, but it would nice if we could respect him. If he does not call off is wolfs, we are going to have a race war from what he and his buds spew.

  36. natchrl8r says:

    As the McCain/Palin ticket melts down, puritanical rage heats up and the greed and consumption based economy fails, perhaps we will reach an equilibrium, level the playing field. In order for someone to win, someone has to lose. My hope is that Obama will get the opportunity to reconstruct a democracy that takes care of its people better than its corporations. Maybe McCain is a decent man lost in his own politicking but he has taken on the main-stream republican mantle and surrounded himself with deluded fools. If he wins now, we all lose and he will have lost his soul. The most bitter irony to me is that the conservative rabble have the least to gain excepting a few bones thrown to their religious puritan “ethics”

  37. TeamKlemm says:

    BabyPowerDyke, where do you get the idea they didn’t shake hands? I saw it. Frankly, I am always impressed at the end of these debates they both look so friendly to each other. They shake hands, smile, seem to say “good job” or something of that nature…..I have NEVER seen the candidates disrespect each other by refusing to shake hands or anything like that.

    And as for this “he didn’t even look him in the eye” sheesh, get OVER IT. Let’s see, we were ALL watching this on TV for crying out loud. How do you KNOW he didn’t look him in the eye…..there were so many camera angles and different camera shots you surely can’t be conclusive on that. Besides, even if he didn’t, he was answering the question of the person in the audience. He was talking to the PEOPLE not to Barak Obama!

    I am just amazed at the ALARMIST attitudes of so many people on here. Embrownny, you coment that the McCain can’t “make” anyone do anything “BUT”…..so essentially you cancel out your previous comment. Again, it comes down to personal responsibility. Do you agree it’s AC/DC’s fault a kid commits suicide? Is it the fault of video games that those two disturbed young men went into Columbine High and killed those innocent people? You must if you feel McCain’s campaign has “done enough to incite the people who already have a seed of the thought in their minds.”

    Again I stick with my original post of NO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! Someone else (McCain campaign) whipped everyone into a frenzy therefore THEY are the one’s responsible if something terrible happens….THAT thought process is insane to me….

  38. TeamKlemm says:

    And another thing….I have read SO MUCH from Liberal bloggers criticising McCain for NOT saying anthing to these people in the audience or his rallys or whatever…..then he DOES say something and THAT isn’t good enough either….you can’t have it both ways people!! Which is it? You want him to say something or not?? Because from what I read, neither is the right thing according to so many of you….

    The hipocracy and self importance and alarmist attitudes of the American people is what frightens me the most. What have we become as a nation? Self absorbed, my way or the highway, shove my personal beliefs down your throat, it’s not my fault he made me do it, he didn’t look him in the eye, he didn’t say the exact right thing when that woman said Obama was an Arab, Obama is a terrorist, Palins baby Trig is REALLY her grandchild and Not her son…it’s INSANE I tell you…the conspiracy theories….people watch too much TV and Movies……the American people have lost their FREAKING MINDS!

  39. Bill Melater says:

    This Obama hatred is not just McCain and Palin’s doing, it is also the work of FOX, Limbaugh, and all of that ilk. They have been bad-mouthing Obama forever and it is taking a toll. They are going to be indirectly responsible for an assassination if they don’t change.

    One of the first things Obama/Biden need to do is re-regulate the media as that was one of the first things that the neocons deregulated in order to be able to control the broadcast rhetoric and assert their propaganda.

    We can only thank God for the internet as it had been the primary source of combatting the RNC controlled media.

  40. Alex says:

    Headline should read: John McCain, trying to make it less obvious that his campaign is demonizing his opponent.

    If he was really trying to defend Obama’s character, he would say something to denounce the people making unfounded, slanderous claims against him, but saying, “Despite what my running mate says, Obama is a patriotic American,” sounds kind of odd.

    He’s just imitating the Obama campaign’s consistent tactic, since the beginning, of speaking positively about McCain. And yes, I do call it a tactic as well. McCain’s tactic is to make himself look like he’s above politics and constantly stressing how he’s willing to work across the aisle, as they say, while his campaign framework, his VP candidate, and the big names in the conservative movement take care of the character defamation. Not only does he fail to “make them famous”, in his own words, he is complicent in these efforts and even continues to insist on promoting the misconception that the media is controlled by the liberals.

  41. averageuscitizen says:

    I think that McCain is finally coming out of his Rush Limbaugh like drug induced coma and telling the right wing to go shove it.

    Probably a bit too late after picking Sarah Palin, who possesses the worst characteristics of both Bush and Cheney, but I have to give him credit for grabbing the microphone away from that ignorant woman who said Barack Obama was an Arab. Do you think she actually knows what an Arab is?

    He could have let her go on, but he looked genuinely annoyed. My take on his anger is that he is angry at himself for letting the extremist elements of the Republican party take control of his campaign. Unfortunately it also says something of his character. If he can’t control his own campaign, how can he take charge of a country?

  42. Robert Winter Hughes says:

    You might do well to look through history to the present day, and realize how words by those in power have instigated fanatical reactions. Crowds can be worked up and those who are just unstable enough can react accordingly. Look at how our words have gotten you into a frenzy. It may be time to take your blood pressure medicine.

    One should expect those who run for high offices to control the rhetoric that comes out of their own camp; to know in advance what is appropriate and what is not. McCain did the honorable thing by trying to calm the flames, but had he used common sense and foresight instead of desperate measures to garner more support, he might be in a better position today, and his zealots might not need to be defending him so rabidly.

  43. voterman says:

    In response to Bill MeLater’s comment:
    Does anyone reading this really believe that “FOX,Limbaugh and all of that ilk” would CARE if they were indirectly responsible for an assassination? They would consider it a major accomplishment! Limbaugh will have changed the direction of the entire nation from behind that microphone. This is EXACTLY why the Fairness Doctrine (of which Mr. Limbaugh is so justifiably afraid) should be reinstated. For the record, I don’t think Obama is in any real danger from some American fanatic. The Secret Service in on the case.

  44. t.s says:

    Thank you John McCain I am a Obama supporter. I thank you for standing up to hate mongers whether they be republicans or democrats. thank you for standing up and addressing those who
    would try to divide this country using fear.
    Thank you for being a MAN and addressing this matter.
    history will say we are the UNITED STATES and not the
    divided states.

    GOD Bless YOU Sen. John McCain

  45. Bill Melater says:

    Wouldn’t that be funny if the SS arrested Limbaugh and Hannity and McCain and Palin and everybody in between for conspiracy to incite or some such thing.

    It will never happen, but…

  46. TeamKlemm says:

    “One of the first things Obama/Biden need to do is re-regulate the media as that was one of the first things that the neocons deregulated in order to be able to control the broadcast rhetoric and assert their propaganda.” –Bill Melater

    You know Bill, there are places in this world where you can live like that! Pick any Communist country you like! If what you want is to live in a society where the government decides what you can watch on TV or what can be broadcast, Communism is certainly for you!

    And Mr. Hughes, you certainly don’t need to worry about my health. My blood pressure is just fine. Sorry if my spirited opinion is a cause of concern for you. Again, it seems that you want to put the blame on the candidate. You say “control the rhetoric that comes out of their own camp;” How is it John McCain is expected to have any sort of “control” over an old woman standing up saying she feels Obama is an Arab? How is someone standing at a podium in front of hundreds of people suppost to STOP someone from shouting a racial slur? In the same respect, how is Barak Obama supposed to be held responsible for what Rev. Wirght says in his surmons? Hasn’t that been the Democrats defence of that subject?

    No matter how you spin it Mr.Hughes, you cannot hold John McCain responsible for the inappropriate comments of a FEW supporters at his rallys. But see, the Dems are very into “control”. Like the comment I addressed above, let’s have the government control what we see….then maybe we can have the government control what we read too….then maybe they can tell us what kind of music we can listen to….and then we can all put our money in one big pot so everyone can share it, even the people who don’t contribute at all…..then the government can tell me what kind of health care I need and what doctors I can go to and we can all be EQUAL because that is what America is all about, right?

    Nuts I tell you…..nuts…..our founding fathers munst be rolling in their graves….

  47. Is John McCain really trying to put out the fire, or is he trying to
    “make nice” because the caustic approach has been driving the
    conservatives into the arms of the opposition, and his handlers have
    told him to “cool it”?

    Will Palin follow suit or will she continue to be the “bulldog with lipstick?

    Stay tuned for the next exciting, illuminating episode.

  48. Bill Melater says:

    Hey TeamKlemm:

    I’ll have you know this is my country. You torries can go back to England. Tarred and feathered if that’s what it takes.

    And I can’t help but laugh every time one of you neocons asserts our founding fathers. Our founding fathers roll over every time you do so. You see, our founding fathers were extreme liberals. But, of course, I really don’t expect you to know much more about history than what Limbaugh would have told you.

  49. Bill Melater says:

    And I got a serious question here…

    Who is checking our food for melamine?

    I know it couldn’t possibly be our FDA because Bush nuetered them years ago.

  50. obamasprayer says:

    C’mon. Do you really believe that malarky? I believe that we are seeing staged events take place. Poor acting skills no doubt. Nonetheless, it gave Sen. McCain the opportunity to look like the good guy in front of the Undecided voters. Those are the folks who don’t like mad voters talking about anyone. I find it ironic that suddenly in the last week, McCain has had mad voters sprouting about in all of his events. The plan will backfire and Sen. McCain will lose this election. And he does deserve to lose it.

    Thank you


    Invest in America. VOTE!

  51. Average guy says:

    Dems are a bunch of nuts They want to control the universe, seriously, and if you don’t agree with them, they’ll call you everything in the book, and then put on a voter drive that attempts to hijack the election. Anybody heard of the voter fraud? fact, not fiction. And this kind of stuff is commonplace in the Obama campaign. Say what you want, and you will, but we know the truth and we’re letting people know the truth, not the left wing propaganda you want us to believe. The truth will set you free. You ought to try it sometime, Obama.

  52. Jim Steele says:

    To all you Obama supporters, McCain isn’t starting the hatred in the audience. It is the liberal media who refuses to investigate anything
    Obama does, to include his participation and support of the ACORN voter fraud, Fannie Mae financial scandal and anything else he does. This double standard by the media is the cause of all the anger and frustration by those who can spot a “charlatan”. You are all so damn biased you find a completely irrelevant matter involving a personnel issue in Alaska to be earth shattering news but your guy can skate through the election process with nothing more than slick teleprompter reading, causing all of you to have organism over him. Are you people so blinded with your hatred of all Republicans and your fanatical need to win that you will vote for anyone your party sticks up to run?

  53. Bill Melater says:

    Hey Jim:

    I have a quote for you.

    “Whatever they accuse you of, they are guilty of themselves,” by Bill Clinton.

    This has been the moniker of you neocons. You do all of these nasty deeds and then you start saying the liberals are doing it, etc., just to muddy the waters of your own guilt. I’ve been watching you do it for years. So don’t think you are swaying anyone with your hatred banter.

  54. Bill Melater says:

    To Average Guy:

    So you holier than thous that wish to interject themselves into everyone else’s worship or bedroom or health aren’t trying to control anything, right?

    Pfft, you are just another hypocrit…

  55. plaidlemur says:

    Just banged out a post on John McCain’s lame attempt ot defuse his mess.


    He does need to do more. McCain never denounced the tactic that has been used by himself and the right wing radio hate mongers. He can’t do that. All McCain did was to appear as though he was defusing it. If he had actually meant it, he would have attacked those that are attempting to stoke the fears and anger of the less informed, yet he stood pat in his 10 second ‘he’s an honorable man’ routine…

  56. Chris says:

    They’re both on the same team, this just proves it even more. If Obama is exposed for what he is, then McCain will be more likely to be exposed as well…so he’s got to build up Obama. Very sickening to watch them fawning over each other. Vote for neither of them, they’re both corrupt.

  57. Bell says:

    It is the strangest thing to watch a campaign insult a man by asking “Who is the real barack obama,” or stating that he “palls around with terrorists,” or that he “sends chills through my body,” and then act like they do not know why the crowd is acting like an angry mob.

    Of course McCain had to say Obama is a decent man; he realizes this strategy backfired. It’s making the majority of Americans sick!

    McCain created a situation in which he had to go out and humanize Barack Obama because he’d spent so much time de-humanizing him. McCain gets no respect from me just for trying to put out the fire he started. He needs to get out of the way. He is the past.

  58. Chris says:

    McCain shouldn’t get any respect. Having said that however, this is all just part of their sick game, giving the impression that they’re at odds with each other and that there’s some kind of choice in the election, which there isn’t. They’re on the same side on the important issues, they voted for the bank bailout together which over 90% of Americans opposed. They both want war with Iran and Afghanistan, they won’t do a thing about ending the Iraq War even though it is destructive to our economy and to our sons and daughters who are fighting there. They aren’t even addressing anything substantial about their opponent’s views on issues, especially when it comes to economy–McCain is admittedly clueless there.

    We should be asking real questions like why aren’t they standing up for the average American’s pocketbook instead of handing out our money to the millionaire bankers who squandered our tax money in the first place? Note that the stock market plunged immediately after the “bailout” was passed.

    Why was Jerome Corsi arrested in Kenya when he simply went there to investigate whether Obama was indeed born there or not? (If he was born there he isn’t eligible to be president). Of course it doesn’t matter what religion or race Obama is, it does matter where he was born and who his advisors are (i.e. Zbigniew Brzezinski, former McCain advisor) and what he will really do as president. We deserve to know who the real Obama is, as well as the real McCain, but don’t fall for the petty squabbling that they put in front of you. Its all just meant to be a distraction for the weak-minded, meant to divert our focus from the real issues.

  59. Jim Steele says:

    You Obama fans will never understand because you cannot see the one sided hypocrisy. To you, everything is fine because it favors your guy.

  60. Alex says:

    Here’s the ad where the McCain campaign does its darnedest to associate Obama with left-wing domestic terrorism (and while I’m not going to join in on this, this is where some analysts are saying they’re attempting to imply Obama is a 60s Black Power Muslim type)

    If you’re not convinced McCain wants the campaign to be going in this direction, then this is all the evidence you need: “I’m John McCain, and I approved this message.”

    If you saw CNN’s little line graph of their sample’s opinion of the first debate, the lines were consistently high when Obama spoke positively about McCain, and consistently low on the few occasions when McCain spoke positively about Obama. I think this is because when McCain does it, people don’t believe him. I don’t believe either of them, myself.

    McCain always tries to paint himself as being “above politics”, but don’t believe it. He’s always talking about his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, but he failed to do anything substantial to stop our current administration from redefining the same tactics used on him in Vietnam as legitimate interrogation instead of torture. Now THAT is frightening, and I’m sorry, but it makes me think that the man is a monster, and that he’ll do whatever the money power tells him if he becomes president.

    Unfortunately, I’m still not convinced Obama won’t do the same, but obviously, out of the two he’s a safer bet.

  61. tsfiles says:

    “McCain does this EVERY TIME a person at one of his rallies talks about Obama in racist, paranoid, or hysterical terms.”

    It’s amusing that the mainstream media and whining liberals are so very fragile and thin skinned under these circumstances, but when THEIR supporters vandalize cars, vandalize signs, vandalize campaign offices, throw pies in the faces of speakers, heckle speakers, require security for speakers, etc….

    THEN no one cares.

    Incidentally, recall that months ago, a Hillary supporter was planted with a sign with the phrase “IRON MY SHIRT.”


  62. Bill Melater says:

    Jim Steele:

    It is you that have believed the lies. I know there is nothing I can say to show you. If you are not a paid shill, you will see one day.

  63. Pingback: Top Posts « WordPress.com

  64. Jennifer says:

    Obama just has other people do his smearing for him!

  65. eVELYN says:


  66. QuakerDave says:

    McCain’s “tamping down” comes only because of the comments being directed at him for not reacting sooner.

    Give him a few days: after the last debate, he’ll be back at it again. And he won’t say to Obama’s face what he and his partner have been spewing for weeks.

    And notice that his “pitbull” running mate has not “tamped down” her rhetoric at all.

    And when McCain goes on those talk shows you mentioned, does he ever tell those people to knock this stuff off?

    No. because they are helping him by proxy.

    This is a man with no honor whatsoever.

  67. Robert Winter Hughes says:

    Unfortunately you misinterpreted what I said. When talking about McCain’s camp, I was speaking about McCain himself, and those immediately around him. You see, he should have control at that level. He mouthed off, and let Palin do the same not thinking about possible consequences. Nobody has control over supporters which is exactly my point. When a person uses words irresponsibly, they underestimate the power of those words, and how they can be interpreted by those who are simple minded or unstable. Those words came back at him, and only then did he realize he had gone too far.

  68. Ken says:

    It’s true Teamklemm, how can any candidate control what their constituants are thinking or where they get their information. Rebuplicans knew what they were getting when they got Palin. A bulldog with lipstick. McCain however has the ability to put a leash on his running mate, who seams to be rabid and infecting his supporters with hatred. McCain can do whatever he wants as far as I,m concerned as long as his campaign does not incite rage that could potentially harm other Americans. To phrase an open ended question like “Who is Barrack Obama?” and to answer with “he is dishonarable and unsafe for Ameriica” in front of an already angry and disenfranchised electorate, is playing with fire. Don’t start whining if you get burned.

  69. Ash says:

    All the McCain camp is after is an educated voter. They feel if the open-minded voter compares records and accomplishment that they will get the vote. Obama wishes to present a new set of priorities and feels that the majority is with him on Iraq, taxes, and entitlements. I don’t think either is running a “dirty” campaign. Sometimes you have to make jabs and evade. Both are actually acting relatively presidential.

  70. zew554 says:

    My question has become “Who is John McCain?”
    I think his conscience got to him and he had to try to curtail
    the negative rhetoric. He was face to face with his campaign’s
    dark illusion show that was thriving on fierce emotion and ignorance.

    He can’t manage his campaign or convincingly carry a message. From the onset he has been over matched in vision and presidential deportment by Obama.

  71. Bill Melater says:

    Hey Ash:

    How educated do you think the woman in the video is?


    Those are precisely the voters that McCain/Palin are trolling for.

  72. John McCain says:

    I always showed respect for my opponent. I just have different opinions about the policy we Americans need. That One is just black not the right guy to be president. He is an unexperienced, elitist, too young incompetent senator who is planning to raise taxes for 95% Americans and to teach sex in kindergarden.

  73. gasdocpol says:

    This is another example of how McCain removes some of the turd he threw in in the punch bowl and his fans call him a hero.. His campaign has whipped a bunch of intellectually challenged individuals into a frenzy by hinting that Obama is a terrorist then calms the situation by saying that Obama is not a terrorist.

    He promotes a war that creates all kinds of problems and then calls for a surge than helped one of the problems
    and declares victory.

  74. gasdocpol says:


    1.Obama wants to teach AGE APPROPRIATE sex in kindergarden

    2. McCain has experience screwing things up.

    3. McCain and GW Bush were born in an elite class and went to the gutter.

    4. Obama will REDUCE taxes for 95%.

  75. watermelonshop says:

    I am a small business owner who will be affected by Obama’s tax plans. I know how it will affect me and other like me. It will cause unemployment to rise. Period. End of Story. If my business manages to continue to grow, I will ask current employees to work overtime instead of giving another person a job. That is so I can pay those taxes. It means cost of goods will increase.. thus people will have less spending power. It means inflation. The financial state our country is in is awful and Obama wants to tax the group of individuals who have small to medium sized businesses who are the basis of our country. I can not vote for Obama, I can not support his plans. I don’t have children of my own, my employees and their families are my children in a way. He is not going to be helping them out. He will be hurting me and also them. He sounds good on the surface.. but please look deeper, look at the consequences of what those choices will engender. It’s not pretty.

  76. Bill Melater says:

    Hey watermelonshop:

    Do you give your employees decent healthcare? Dental? Eyecare? Paid vacation? Sick days? Personal days?

    If not, you aren’t much more than a slaver. I don’t feel sorry for you at all.

  77. delaney55 says:

    McCain is a racist, period. By the type of campaign he has been running and allowing Palin to run, by referring to Obama as “that one” and his a fore mentioned “hatred of gooks” because he was a P.O.W.. When the interviewer reminded him that ALL Asians could be referred to as “gooks”, McCain refused to apologize for his statement, instead reiterating that he still hates “them” meaning “gooks”. Do we really want someone like this in the White House? I hope not.

    Palin was found guilty of abuse of power. Do you really want her as V.P. ? She perpetuates the racism McCain started in this campaign. Do you really want either of them in power??

  78. Charlie says:

    Senator McCain has destroyed himself morally by finally, in his old age, succumbing to the corruption and violence that modern Rovian campaigning demands. He was a decent enough centre-right politician for many years; now he has been reducing to a wheezing side-liner as his campaign is plucked from his nerveless hands by racists and reactionaries driven by fury and fear. I genuinely believe that his wife is repulsed by him and what he is doing to achieve, too late, far too late. You can see it in their body language, hwich couldn’t form a stronger contrast with the closeness and trust that the Obamas put out.

    Poor John McCain; what what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

  79. Charlie says:

    Oh and a McCain presidency will be a beacon of despair and apathy to the world. The stock market will slide; depression and drug abuse will rise. Don’t vote for the pitbull and the dotard. Vote for youth and the promise of equality that the US has always stood for. I’m Irish and I love an American and he will cast his vote on both our behalf; for America and her friends in the world, for BARACK OBAMA.

  80. Robert Winter Hughes says:

    I am a small business owner as well. Apparently you haven’t been listening to Obama and the level at which he will begin to tax. I believe he has said it at least 20 times that I have heard. Realistically you have to start somewhere to obtain tax revenue. Are we all expecting a free lunch? Of course John McCain said he wouldn’t raise your taxes. Lets see, was it George H.W. Bush that said “No New Taxes” and “Read My Lips”? Well, we all know what happened there.
    How easily we all forget. Promise the moon and deliver moon pie.

    With more houses than he can seem to remember, and a wife worth millions, how well do you think he can relate to your situation. Does he pal around with people like you and me? While he’s slurping down escargot and munching on Beef Wellington, your eating cold pizza, dreaming about all that money he’s saving you, right?

  81. expatforobama says:

    too little but hopefully not too late…wrote a post about the impact of his mongering…check it out if you have a chance:

  82. Dee says:

    Although I appreciate the comments of McCain now, it is not surprising that people on both side are doubtful of his motives after the painful slander campaigns that he and Palin has massed against Obama. They are still, in their advertising, questioning his birth, his origin, and his religion. But the same is not true of Palin, whose religious and socio-political ties with the Alaskan Independance Party have not been the focus by the Obama campaign. It does seem like a bright light in McCains dirty politics, but it might be because he seems to be loosing with the mudslinging. And yes…God forbid that something happen to Obama because of McCain / Palin trash talking because it would be ashame for an individual to loose his life like that and throw American into another race riot indicative of ML Kings death. History is not doomed to repeat itself unless human beings, in their ignorance, do not pay attention to the lessons.

  83. Bill Melater says:

    Oh but, gee, Sarah is such a regular person.

    Shucks, I sure would hate to be her ex-brother-in-law.

  84. Bill Melater says:

    What we have here folks are the simple makings of deniable accountability. We saw it with Bush and the lead in to the Iraq War, remember?

    We saw Cheney and Rice and the whole RNC goon squad going on and on about how Suddam Hussein had all these WMDs and how he was in cahoots with Al Queda and how we didn’t want any mushroom clouds over American cities, etc…

    Then when Bush got in front of the camera and was asked about Suddam being in bed with Al Queda, he said, ” I never said that…” When in fact all he ever did say was ther was no evidence to link Saddam to Al Queda – the truth.

    So while the man at the top says the truth quietly once or twice, everybody else is screaming the lies and deceit to get what they want. It works to shield the man at the top.

    The same situation applies here. Even though McCain himself will say the correct things, the RNC goon squad and Palin are going to poke the festering boil. So McCain himself can sit in front of the cameras every day when asked and say, “I didn’t say that…”

    So, meanwhile, the hatred proliferates and it will continue straight through until it’s over. Stay tuned sports fans…

  85. tsfiles says:

    The baseless assertions and hideous accusations among the comments here are really sad. It would be nice if people like, say, gasdocpol had some facts behind the things they say.

  86. cindy taylor says:

    To be completely honest…..both canidates have problems…….On one side you have a man who has an agenda and plays on it even though he slacked at the fundamental foundation of what is truly meant to be American. Maybe, to him, this privilage is more of an educated guess than a life long journey of experience to be sampled.. On the other side you have a man who is not perfect and has made mistakes in his career, however, he stayed true to his fundamental decisions and took a stand even when it had and has probably cost him…..It is a deeper look at the moral of a canidate who can admit when he or she is wrong. The media has been less than a beneficial factor in this process…..and the whole of the situation of what the country has become, because of it, has really shown how low we as a people have sunk……What the outcome will be……who knows…..will we be better off because of it…….we will see…..however, the reality of what we are up against as a whole is, this country is starting to look more and more broken by the day. The majority of the players who factor into this equation are blind to the role they contribute to this growing fact……Where did this countries morals disappear to?? It is just a matter of time till we all will be affected by the tradjedy of the mess , we all have made, of this great privilage God has blessed us with. The cold fact is we should all be ashamed of what we’ve become…..no blame should be passed except to the very one ,in the mirror, we look at each and every day. What I would really like to express in no uncertain terms is “Wake up America!! Let us please get our heads out of our butts and take responsibility for a “change” of the very problem we caused!! Do we honestly think that people get elected all by themselves, who are in positions of authority??? If Americans perceive this to be the case…….the education we do receive at this point must not be sinkin in or is the WRONG kind in the most basic sense…..

  87. ken arcan says:

    thats funny tell me what advertisement that McCain is running is hate filled. All he has ever done was ttack his record and the truthfulness of what Obama speaks which changes contantly.

  88. Robert Winter Hughes says:

    ken arcan,
    Please go back to bed, and wake up in some other century, because you are obviously missing this one.

  89. James Gray says:

    Its sad that someone has to say this but its clear it has to be said.
    First of all, Its neather the Dems or the Reps fault that the ecomomy has all but collapsed. Its the fault of every single persopn who took out a credit card knowing they cant pay it, the blame rests solidy on the heads of all thouse who bought a house with no money, and on the heads of thoue who sold thouse houses to people they knew could not afford it. The economic meltdown is the falt of the Humam race, not one political group or another.
    Secondly, THE Democratics are going to win this year. I dont need the ability to read the future to know this. For no other reasion that humans want some one to blame, and the rebublicans where in charge of the white house when it happned, so they will get the brunt of the blame. THouse of you that say the Democrates where in charge of the congress are ignoring the fact that the economy has been heading this way for decades, and no one has wanted to stop it. Same thing goes for the envirmental damage we are dealing with on an almost weekly basis. Both parties had ample chances to stop the problmes, and both parties failed to do so.
    Secondly, AS much as I hate to say it, once Barack wins, I an guessing he will be in office for about 6 months to a year before some KKK or other hate group member sacrafices his own life to kill him. Personally I dont think that Barack would be a bad presadent, any more than Bush or Cintion was. BUt given the growing fear and panic in the world, I can tell you know that some foll would rather die than let him stay in office.
    Ofcourse both sides of the poltical system will contoue to point fingers at each other, both sides will contiue to promise whatever they can to everyone to get the coveted office.
    But the truth is neather side will actually move to FIX the problems of our nation, becuse that would mean admiting that something might be wroung, and that would be un patrioctic. Neather side will admite that they cant fix the problems becuse that will kill off that part, and neather side will work with the other to actually move us forward.
    After voting for almost 20 years now, I have learned that the system exsists only so people can be paid alot of money to talk alot, and let the world fall apart.
    So Ill see whoever lives long enough to get to the food riots, I figure 5 to 10 years or so.

  90. spiriteddona says:

    Big Mac has been nice once to jeers of the crowds in his audience and jeers in Obama ‘s. This Mc Dem, says Big Mac has been nice– he needs to move on!

  91. kate says:

    being a victim of rape at 15 I cannot imagine what my life would be like. If I had to keep the baby. WTF!

  92. Lucius Pegues says:

    I don’t see anything all that surprising in the frustration of the Republican voters. They have been taught, for going on twenty years now, that if they just bash liberals and repeat talking points they heard on the radio, that all the nation’s problems will be fixed. Now, it is looking like they might not get a Republican president, so their first impulse is to go throwing around a bunch of insults and pejoratives. It worked for Atwater and Barbour, the two who put together the first REagan campaign, and it worked for Rove–twice.

    The problem is that administrative incompetence has brought us to the point that we no longer have the luxury of doing things just to piss off the liberals. Now, we need real competence to fix problems we all agree are important. I think McCain is competent to solve them, and I think Obama is, too. The mistake here lies (probably) with the Republican machine attempting to bring in the most embarrassing segment of The Base using Sarah Palin, who is shockingly unprepared to be vice president. We’ve seen what the Michael D Browns, the Alberto Gonzaleses, the Bernard Keriks and Jeff Gannons and Monica Goodlings have done to the conservative movement. To be credible, the Republicans need to renew a commitment to basic administrative competence. Liberal-bashing may be fun, but it isn’t fixing any problems.

  93. Billie Marie says:

    I was glad to see McCain finally step up and say NO. The hate mongering was reaching a fever pitch by the end of the week. I been around a while and I have witnessed too much violence in this country. I was getting really concerned and mad and the thought had even occurred to me that I would have prefered sheets and hoods because of how disheartening it was to put a face on the hatred.

    Seriously, early on I was indifferent as to who won this year. I just didn’t care one way or the other till I got to learn more about Palin. I was a Hillary supporter and I was mad at Obama for not picking her as a running mate. But getting to know Sarah was a scarey proposition for me and prompted me to get an absentee ballot.

    I voted for Obama because of Palin. McCain is just too old to not take Sarah very serious in becoming president and there was no way I was going to sit back and let that possibly happen.

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  95. diggingintothefacts says:

    “Alarmists!” Yes, I am alarmed.

    We can now add to the Ayers, Odinga, Wright, ACORN connections, Obama’s support of Colombian unions yesterday.

    You Dems missed that, right? Right. You probably don’t know these unions are radical left, i.e., marxist, friends of the Colombian FARC guerrillas and Chavez, and actively working to turn South America to the Cuban model.

    One of the FARC warlords, killed by the Colombian air force in a surprise strike on one of their camps in Ecuador, had Obama as their candidate on his computer.

    Why would the FARC want Obama to win? They hate America. They hated Clinton, and they hate Bush.

    History teaches that all empires rise and all empires fall. Well, this empire is being conquered from the inside, so go ahead and kill the messenger.

  96. watermelonshop says:

    Dear Bill Melater,

    Yes I do give them health care. I do not offer the minimum plans either. In California, employees can refuse to take it though. So, I do have a few who are not covered by their own choice. They have various reasons for this. One has coverage by a spouse. Or they just don’t want it. Which I do not understand, because it isn’t a “benefit” in my book. They can’t have cash for instead. It is a part of employment, just like having bathrooms or a break room in the building. All my employees have the choice. I want them to be covered. Both for human reasons, but also for capitalistic reasons. Employees with health coverage spend more days in the work place. Also, they will be more likely to go to the doctor and less likely to spread disease to other employees. So by having employees with health insurance, I have better moral and more work days in the work place. It’s a better place to work.

    Yes, they do have dental. They vision plans. They have paid vacation, They have sick days, they have 2 personal days a year too. All I ask on personal days is 1 week notice. One thing you didn’t ask about is an education aid program, and we’ve got that too. I want employees to want to progress. It would thrill me to have one come to me and tell me they want my job! Come on Step up! I do want to retire from the workplace someday.

    I’ve been a ‘slave’ as you call it for other companies in my past. I job hopped to until I found a great company that I wanted to stay at (and which obviously wanted and cared for me). That latter company was also to be come the most successful small company I worked for back in those days. I stayed there and learned a lot from them. I learned from the bad companies and the good. Then I started my own business.

    I believe my employees are an asset and humans. By scratching their back and fulfilling their needs, I expect them to do the same for my business. Employees who do not do their jobs, do not stay with me for long. I really do think of my company as my family. Under performing employees need discipline and that may even include dismissing them. The reason why, is because that under performer is hurting everyone else. In my warehouse we have a 96% retention rate, and a great team.

    I resent your implications and name calling, because it casts a implied public opinion of me.

  97. gasdocpol says:

    We are about to see how Obama will be as President. I feel certain that he will do well. He will be cool but run a tight ship. He will not surround himself with yes men. He will be well received abroad.

    McCain was never a tight ship kind of guy. Without his admiral father, he would have been passed over and bounced out of the Navy very quickly. As President would have gone abroad with guns blazing like Yosemite Sam. That is of course my opinion and thank God we will never know.

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