“Being Gay is Wrong”: A Georgetown University Medical Student is Accosted by Two Muslims for Being Gay, Is Told That He Would Be Stoned if He Was in Their Country of Origin, and Is Then Assaulted, According to a DC Police Report

An incident of religiously motivated anti-gay violence occurred in Washington DC this week, according to the Washington Blade:

Two men who identified themselves as Muslims were charged with assaulting a gay man in Georgetown after one of them said gay people are stoned to death in his home country in the Middle East, according to a police report.


A 23-year-old Georgetown University medical student was struck in the face Oct. 3 with a bottle wielded by one of the two men charged in the case, a police source said. The alleged attack occurred at about 3 a.m. along the C&O Canal.


The student was treated and released from Georgetown University Hospital.

Details on the incident are as follows:

The [police] report, which does not refer to the defendants by their names, said one of the two defendants asked the gay men if they were gay and one of the gay men answered, “Yes.”


Both defendants then began to call the gay men anti-gay names and stated, “Being gay is wrong,” the police report says.


The report says the defendants added that the two gay men “would be stoned to death in their country of origin,” with one of the defendants stating, “The butt hole is made for shitting and not fucking, you fucking faggots.”


The report says one of the defendants instigated the other to hit the gay men with a bottle that the defendant held in his hand.


The defendants stopped calling the gay men names, the report says, but “all of a sudden” one of the defendants struck one of the gay men “in the face on the left cheek with a glass bottle that he was holding in his right hand.”


In court Wednesday, police said the defendant struck the victim with a Grey Goose vodka bottle.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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