Flip-Flop: Is Obama a Sinister Terrorist—or a Decent Family Man?

McCain’s having a bit of message incoherence:

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2 Responses to Flip-Flop: Is Obama a Sinister Terrorist—or a Decent Family Man?

  1. diggingintothefacts says:


    Some of Obama’s supporters claim that his use of the phrase “my Muslim faith” may have been a slip of the tongue due to campaign exhaustion. Other’s argue that Obama was referring to his opponents his Muslim faith.

    When it comes to the way someone talks about his religion, it is not easy for other believers to know his heart, and even more difficult for nonbelievers, since they do not fellowship in the spiritual realm.

    As a Christian, I would never use the possessive “my” to speak about a faith that was not my own – never. Although I speak for myself only, I dare say most Christians would agree. Rather, I would have said something like, “the perception/claim that I am a Muslim.” I would instinctively use words that distanced me from a religion that was not my own.

    The problem here, as with all the controversial issues surrounding Obama, is that there is a PATTERN of religious behavior that raises a lot of eyebrows: “They cling to their religion and their guns.”

    The most outstanding controversy regarding Obama’s faith is obviously that his church of twenty years preached, at least on several occasions, hatred of whites and the white government. Obama said he was not present – DOES THAT RING A BELL? – when these statements were made. That sounds ludicrous to a Christian, because although we may not know what our pastor does in the privacy of his home, EVERYBODY knows the doctrine his pastor preaches from the pulpit. In fact, if these moments of racism and hatred WERE rare, as Obama claims, it is even more difficult to believe he did not HEAR about it, judging by the passionate cheers coming from the congregation. Whenever a pastor says something the congregation finds very “INSPIRING” and RARE as these sermons supposedly were, parishioners rush out to tell the whole world about it. Believe me. Was Obama so isolated from EVERYBODY ELSE in that church, including his pastor/mentor that NOBODY told him about those incredible sermons?

    Since Obama continues to stand by his claim that he did not hear Wright’s most incendiary and hateful statements until they were aired by the media, then one would have to question his mental state. A man who is in some inexplicable way so out of touch with SIGNIFICANT EVENTS that occur in his church community of twenty years, a community which, by his own admission, largely shaped him into the man he is today, needs psychological therapy and is unfit for office. However, that conclusion does not match his public persona. A more reasonable explanation is that Obama is not being honest about Wright and his Black Liberation Theology Church.

    So does this piece “my Muslim faith” belong in the Obama puzzle, the one everyone with nonpartisan brains is trying to put together, no thanks to him? One thing I can say for sure. As much as I try, I haven’t found any pieces yet for the Christian faith part of the puzzle.

  2. clancop says:

    If you want to know about his radical Muslim connection, two names; Rashid Khalidi and Raila Odinga. Bill Ayers is only the tip of this terrorist relation iceberg.


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