Why I’m Voting for Barack Obama: Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) Sings “Maybe There’s a World”

Perhaps it’s corny to vote for somebody because they give you hope.

Maybe it’s utopian—and not hard-nosed enough.

But I admit that I find Barack Obama to be a calm and steady man of peace and intelligence.

I see him as somebody who will, even if only a little, steer the arc of world history toward greater reason, justice, and understanding.

Here’s Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) singing a song that I think embodies the kinds of hopes that Barack Obama inspires (at least in me): 

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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5 Responses to Why I’m Voting for Barack Obama: Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) Sings “Maybe There’s a World”

  1. Regine says:

    I also find Barrack Obama must be the next President for the same reason and i hope he does’ent dance to the pipes of some warliked,oilliked,nonevoirrementliked,bigmoneyliking people.
    My hope is like the song of Yusuf is singing and THINKING Regine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree, we need Barack Obama as our next president, someone with intelligence and who is willing to listen to the people and lead this country in the right direction. He’ll have a hard job ahead of him but I’m sure he’s the right man for the job.

    I’m a big believer in Barack and also a long time fan of Cat/Yusuf. My car’s license plate reads: ‘I’d rather be on the Peace Train.”


  3. Vivian says:

    Yes, the time is now for everyone to jump on the Peace Train with BOTH Yusuf Islam as well as our next President, Barack Obama! Maybe there’s a World is a PERFECT song for the occasion!

  4. Allen Evans says:

    Yeah lets ride on Islams peace train . You know the religion that lets a man marry a 9 year old girl . Female circucission . Sharia Law . Public floggings and stonings . Islam that crucifies and beheads Christians . The Islam that murdered and sodomized America’s ambasador . Islam that calls for the destruction of Israel and continues to fire rockets into Israel and kill civilians . The Islam that says they will take over the world . That peace train ?

    • Lara Nelson says:

      I’m sad you feel this way. Peace. I’m voting Barack Obama this year and still listen to Cat/Yusuf daily, literally. One of my son’s many lullabies was “Moonshadow” & “Father & Son”, for myself, there’s many..”Child for a day”, “Trouble”, “I Never Wanted to be a Star”, also, “Peace Train”, still an important song to me. Not only as a childhood lullaby, but since I can remember and today. But it was from Radio, cassettes and albums that I would get to hear his words and music. The very precious few times in my life with my mother, I remember her lovely voice singing his songs, but she is shy and I would sit by her door to hear her sing. Peace 2 U.

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