“Real men eat iceburg”: Walmart Sells Elitist Obama Arugula Greens! I Kid You Not. I Just Bought Some There. Not a Good Sign for McCain-Palin


I just bought ARUGULA at Walmart.

Can you believe it?

Above is a picture of the ARUGULA I bought (just to prove it).

I wasn’t even looking for it, but there it was.

Right next to the spinach.

If people are buying ARUGULA at Walmart, they’ll soon be voting for politicians who eat ARUGULA, won’t they?

Anyway, that’s my domino theory.

If you support McCain-Palin, you should contact your local Walmart now and say:

“I’m a McCain-Palin supporter and I will NOT shop at any elitist Obama-supporting store that sells ARUGULA. Period.”

ARUGULA might be the domino that turns this thing around for McCain-Palin.

And here’s a liberal smart-aleck admitting that he actually eats ARUGULA. If this guy doesn’t motivate you to vote November 4, nothing will. Obviously, this asshole needs to be stopped:

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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