The Religious Authoritarian Voter: This is the Voter that John McCain is Attempting to Appeal to, and is Counting on, to Win Him States Like Virginia

A Virginian religious authoritarian unapologetically and clearly speaks her mind:

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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5 Responses to The Religious Authoritarian Voter: This is the Voter that John McCain is Attempting to Appeal to, and is Counting on, to Win Him States Like Virginia

  1. texas buddha says:


  2. The question before the voters is Obama’s own actual values, personal judgment, inappropriate associations and his lack of qualifications for office of president. Why is it that anyone addressing these legitimate issues of Obama’s relationship with William Ayers or Acorn now is still being falsely even now diverted by being wrongfully called a racist by Obama and his supporter? Is that rather how typically he will treat all negative questions as well the rest of his life too? What no personal accountability as well? We do not need politicians like that for sure.

  3. texas buddha says:

    Obama’s associations have gotten plenty of press time. And I have not heard anybody called a racist for it either.

    McCain is losing the election by virtue of his party affiliation matching the current administration, coupled with his poor judgement and performance during the campaign. Plain and simple.

    The majority of people have decided that the Ayers thing is a red herring. Find something else to harp on, and quick, if you want to win the election.

  4. Openness , transparency accountability is the essential aspect of all honest leaders, governments, as opposed to control, spins, lies, false denials.. Most liberal sites failed to mention that Obama the professing Christian to dinks alcohol in bars when I had next pointed this out I was declared a racist for me telling the truth but I had even said next the same thing about Canada’s prime Minister Stephen Harper, a white person too.

  5. texas buddha says:

    The Republicans are in no position to lecture anybody about control, spins, lies, false denials, or openness, transparency, accountability etc…

    McCain’s campaign has been a bad joke and he richly deserves to lose this contest.

    I could care less if Obama drinks alcohol. This is a free country. The man doesn’t have to follow your pet moral code to run for office. I drink a beer or two myself from time to time and I still do a fine job of working to provide for my family and participate in my community.

    Whatever happened on your blog is not my affair. I never called you racist. You are, however, very quick to play the victim which is a trait that most conservatives seem to loath about liberals.

    Get over it. If you aren’t a racist then such taunts ought to roll right off your back. That you obsess on the idea and raise it in arguments when nobody has accused you of it implies that there might be something else going on.

    Like the McCain volunteer that just got busted faking an incident where she said she was attacked by a black man because she had a McCain sticker on her car. Does racism factor into that story?

    Fact is I didn’t mention race in these comments. You did.

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