Ron Howard, Andy Griffith, and “The Fonz”—Henry Winkler—Team Up Again to Do an Obama Commercial. To See It, Click the Link Here

See it here in high resolution.

And see a very brief Youtube on the ad here:

I think it’s life affirming to see Andy Griffith getting a chance to live long enough to perhaps vote for the first African American president, and encourage his fellow Southerners to do so.

With regard to race, the country has come a long (positive) way over the past sixty years.

As for good ads, I think that the one below is the best of the campaign season:

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14 Responses to Ron Howard, Andy Griffith, and “The Fonz”—Henry Winkler—Team Up Again to Do an Obama Commercial. To See It, Click the Link Here

  1. Kurt says:

    Ah, what memories!
    Thanks for sharing this one.

  2. TMM says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    i think i just threw up, maybe finally michelle can be proud of her country.

  4. Mario Tedde says:

    Three more socialists to put on my list. Do not forget to spread the wealth bro.
    We are all equal now. Oh I forgot it all depends who your with.

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  6. Ron Howard has always been a nice person. I remember him as a boy acting along side Andy Griffith another very nice person. It was nice to see them all stick their necks out for what they believe in. True Americans all the way.

  7. katbur says:

    I have to admit I was surprised that Andy Griffith is still alive. Surprised but pleased and awfully proud of him for making this piece. He is clearly standing up for what he believes in and nothing else.

  8. Rod chastain says:

    Do not send a message again to my address. You are a abomination to the american heritage. Never again will I watch your reruns on TV. You are a stupid ignorant “hollywood” democrat that will do anything for your money.

  9. dhconcerts says:

    Wow! There’s so much hostility in some of these comments. What a shame. Why are people so afraid of Obama?

  10. Ex Andy Fan says:

    I was terribly offended by this commercial. If I wanted to listen to more of this Obama socialist dribble, I would be watching ABC, NBC, or CBS. I have to say, I’m not surprised. We have been Andy Griffith fans for many years, but it will never be allowed in my house again.

    Way to go, Ron! You confirmed by already low opinion of you.

    Andy, what were you thinking????

    • Glenn says:

      in spite of the show being a piece of Americana they are actors and actors tend to be liberal… they do live in a fairyland… no surprise to me.

  11. Enuff! says:

    Well now, THERE’S an intelligent, “patriotic” attitude. Someone disagrees with me… well, they’re EVIL and will “never be allowed in my house again.”

    Here’s hoping the Obama Landslide helps shove all of this myopic, hateful crap out in the snow where it belongs.

    If all of you uber-patriotic conservatives really believe that anyone who disagrees with your narrow, uncompromising dogma is UNAMERICAN… well, you haven’t read your history. And it doesn’t matter how many Chinese “support our troops” magnets and flag decals you paste on your SUV, you will probably never get it.

    Why don’t you just give it up and move to Alaska? If Palin’s hubby has his way, it will be a seperate country, one of these days….

  12. dhconcerts says:

    I never imagined this ad would be so controversial. There have been anti-Andy comments on my blog, too.

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