If You’re a College Instructor, Can You Put Nietzsche on Your Office Door—Even if the Quote is “Gott ist tot” (God is dead)?

In Inside Higher Education this week, the issue of what an instructor can display on his or her office door was raised, and as someone who has a Nietzsche quote on my office door (from The Birth of Tragedy) I took special interest.

Money quote:

Whether or not “God is dead,” as Nietzsche famously argued in The Gay Science, the philosopher’s famous quote can once again be displayed on the doors of faculty offices at Temple College, in Texas.

The president of Temple, Glenda Barron, and Mark Smith, who had earlier ordered a professor to remove the quotation from his door, sent out an e-mail message to faculty members reversing the earlier decision.

“Recently, the administration required the removal of a cartoon and a Nietzsche statement from the door of a faculty member. We have reviewed the Temple College policies and believe that the action was inappropriate…. We have notified the faculty member and regret any inconvenience this may have caused that person.” So Kerry Laird, the literature professor who had the quote up and was told to take it down, is now free to put back the quote (in the original German) he originally had posted: Gott ist tot.

After Inside Higher Ed reported on Laird being ordered to remove the quotation, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education took up the case, writing to Temple officials that the policy of barring quotes from office doors if they caused offense — the stated reason for the ban — was antithetical to the free speech rights of public college faculty members and the principles of academic freedom.

The letter hinted at legal action if the college stuck by its ban or retaliated against Laird. “Please spare Temple College the embarrassment of fighting against the Bill of Rights, by which it is legally and morally bound.”

Free speech, hooray!

And now that Obama is president, and will probably appoint the next two or three Supreme Court justices, my guess is that peoples’ free speech rights are reasonably secure for the foreseeable future.

Elections have consequences.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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2 Responses to If You’re a College Instructor, Can You Put Nietzsche on Your Office Door—Even if the Quote is “Gott ist tot” (God is dead)?

  1. Peter Grant says:

    I’m so glad the administration came to their senses. If you don’t have freedom of speech at university where do you have it?

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