George Bush: Good Night, Weird Prince, and Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Texas

The American Prospect’s Paul Waldman bids “43” (George Bush) farewell.

Money quote:

Goodbye to the rotating cast of butchers manning the White House’s legal abattoir, where the Constitution has been sliced and bled and gutted since September 11. Goodbye to the “unitary executive” theory and its claims that the president can do whatever he wants — even snatch an American citizen off the street and lock him up for life without charge, without legal representation, and without trial. Goodbye to the promiscuous use of “signing statements” (1,100 at last count) to declare that the law is whatever the president says it is, and that he’ll enforce only those laws he likes. Goodbye to an executive branch that treats lawfully issued subpoenas like suggestions that can be ignored. Goodbye to thinking of John Ashcroft as the liberal attorney general. Goodbye to the culture of incompetence, where rebuilding a country we destroyed could be turned over to a bunch of clueless 20-somethings with no qualifications save an internship at the Heritage Foundation and an opposition to abortion. Goodbye to the “Brownie, you’re doin’ a heckuva job” philosophy, where vital agencies are turned over to incompetent boobs to rot and decay.

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1 Response to George Bush: Good Night, Weird Prince, and Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Texas

  1. Thomas Hubbard says:

    Idiot wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Red State Hawks like Bush – 7 years of prosperity, in continuity with the previous administration before him, and the news has been screaming RECESSION for 6 years — lol trying to get him out of office…

    if he was for killing unborn babies, and the pollution of good people with the Gay agenda, then he would be your hero.. this is ridiculous..

    where was criticism of Clinton – Janet Reno, ect? Wasn’t there.. just a protectionist media and a bunch of grey area libs laughing Clinton’s idiocy off..

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