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Censorship for Jesus?: Last Night, Poet Patrick Jones Had His Book Launch Cancelled Due to Bookstore Management Fears of Disruption. Stephen Green, a Christian Protest Organizer, Called the Book Signing Cancellation a Victory “for the Lord”

Patrick Jones, a Welsh poet, had his book signing event at a Waterstone bookstore in Cardiff Hayes cancelled last night due to pressure from a religious group.  Money quote from the BBC website: Mr Jones said he was not going to be “beaten down” … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s “grasp of basic geo-political knowledge had major gaps”: Martin Eisenstadt Outs Himself as the “Africa Country-Continent” Leaker

Martin Eisenstadt, the McCain campaign top advisor who leaked to the press that Sarah Palin was confused, during debate prep, about whether Africa was a continent or a country, reveals today on his blog yet more things that Sarah Palin didn’t … Continue reading

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Countdown to January 20th, 2009: Our Long National Nightmare is Almost Over, and We’ll Have Our Democracy Back Very Soon

If you haven’t seen the disorienting public television documentary, Torturing Democracy, it’s here. Putting an end to George Bush’s Pinochet-style torture regime is yet one more reason why Barack Obama’s election to the Presidency was so important this year.

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Gay Marriage Equality: Dan Savage Goes Toe to Toe With An Emotionally Impervious Religious Authoritarian Bigot

I admire Dan Savage’s effort to assert the equality and dignity of gay people on national television, but the imperviousness and cold lawyerly sheen of his opponent is frankly unnerving, and tells us a great deal about what the gay … Continue reading

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