Turkey with, eh, Gravy?: Sarah Palin Does a Thanksgiving Interview with Turkeys Being Slaughtered Directly Behind Her!

Caution: In males the clip below may stir castration anxiety.

As governor of Alaska (2008), Sarah Palin had just “pardoned” one Thanksgiving turkey, then stepped forward to take a few press questions, apparently oblivious to the other turkeys being slaughtered over her shoulder:

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2 Responses to Turkey with, eh, Gravy?: Sarah Palin Does a Thanksgiving Interview with Turkeys Being Slaughtered Directly Behind Her!

  1. armchairmba says:

    I’m shocked!

    (For those of you with ADD and only focus on the bird – there is actually a very shocking message).

    The shocker: A state actually saved money during a surplus!

    Ok, I’m officially shocked!

    Other states like Illinois spent all their surplus and now asking for help. What if companies did this – saved money for a rainy day – instead of spend.

    It is really common sense. We need that in our government.

    And the reason why so many people are still talking about Palin is because she is a threat. You see the Obama administration is so focused on presentation, even to a fault, spending great time making sure they look good.

    The biggest threat to Obama’s strategy is having someone who is real and authentic come along with an actual REAL record to show for it.

    So what a turkey is slaughtered. I’d rather my leaders spend her time worrying about government spending, than making sure her setup is perfect.

    But as for Me…

    I look at the record of leaders, not how they present themselves. Saving money. Now that’s smart.

  2. ice gal says:

    Our little governor girl had nothing to do with creating a budget surplus
    It was created several years ago, I think in the Hammond administration. A bill was passed that required a percentage of the profits from our oil be put away for a rainy day. With oil at $140. or so during our governor girl tenure. She only had to watch the money roll in, and that is all she has done for Alaska, except promote her self.
    If she were a leader, she would address some of the problems we have here;
    No public safety in rural Alaska.
    No transportation plan for valley commuters
    No energy plan beyond high oil prices (drill baby drill)
    High drop out rate all across the state (oh wait she is for getting science out of the classroom. That should cure the drop out rate)
    To her credit she is the leader of the low right. But if the rest of us don’t PROGRESS into the future…Then there wont’ be one…

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