No Place to Hide?: Why the Internet Foreshadows the Decline of Young Earth Creationism

Paleontologist Dan Phelps visits Ken Ham’s creationist museum in Kentucky and offers his take here.

Money quote:

Most homeschoolers are already teaching their children creationism, so the museum may at worst strengthen the message the kids are getting at home. Some of the claims, such as the vegetarian Tyrannosaurus and other carnivores are so absurd one wonders how many of the children (or adults) are really going to accept it. There is a lot of scientifically valid information available on dinosaurs in books and on the Internet. Creationists are really going to have to go to great lengths to shelter their children from this information.

And when the kids grow up?

Well, of course, if their intellectual light comes on they’ll feel righteous resentment at being so ridiculously sheltered from the wider world—and their Internet surfing will lead them to sights like this.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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