A Short Sass of Those Who Call Themselves Religious, and Yet Voted in California to Take Away Gay Peoples’ Marriage Rights

You are entitled to believe anything you wish about the Bible and gay people.

But your belief about the Bible, in a free society, cannot be normative for everyone else.

If gay people wish to disregard the Bible, and ignore its injunctions (as you understand them), that is their right.

They should be allowed to marry and to live their lives as they see fit.

In short, stop violating by force the conscience and boundaries of people with whom you disagree.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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5 Responses to A Short Sass of Those Who Call Themselves Religious, and Yet Voted in California to Take Away Gay Peoples’ Marriage Rights

  1. truthbear says:


    You are correct about man being given his/her right to our own will to do as we choose…We have the right to be whatever we choose to be..But, one should be careful of their own will, because we all have a adversary, “the devil”,(satan)…

    I understand that some do not believe in what the Bible says…Some believe that homosexuals have the right to be married and live like every other married person, (man & woman)..

    The reason people like me speak out against your lifestyle is because it is wrong in God’s eyes…It is a commandment from God for His saints to preach the gospel to every creature in the world..Of course it will cause discomfort for some, (homosexuals)…

    Whether people believe the word of God or not, it is their choice…

    There are two kings of people in this world;

    1) People whom are saved and will dwell in God’s kingdom;
    2) People whom are not saved and will dwell in hell with satan and all workers of iniquity..

    You are either saved or you are not…There is no in between with God..So, with that said, it is your life to do with it as you choose…If you choose to live with the same sex, enjoy while you have time because this will be the only heaven you will ever know…You will dwell in hell burning, being eternally tormented forever…

    The Bible no where says that your lifestyle is okay in the eyes of God, not one scripture, neither in the Old Testament nor the New Testament…I have one word for people like you, “Rebellion”, which is the same as witchcraft, (something God hates)..

    The only people that are in violation, are Homosexuals and all other workers of iniquity…



  2. santitafarella says:


    first, i’m not gay myself. i just happen to be someone who finds discrimination and bigotry directed toward minority groups loathesome.

    i understand why you are talking the way you do about gay people.

    you feel that the bible is the word of god and must be read literally.

    you have a right to such beliefs.

    all i am asking is that conservative christians leave judgment to god, and not attempt to violate the religious conscience of gay people to live the way that they choose.

    there is nothing in the bible that says that christians must force non-christians to conform to the bible’s ethical and doctrinal dictates.

    i am simply asking you to give people the same range of freedom that you expect others to give to you.

    use the bible as a text for persuasion, and when your attempts at persuasion fail, don’t revert to law or force to make people do what you want them to.

    that’s all i am asking for. basic civility in a society where people don’t agree about religious matters.


  3. M. Patterson says:

    “If gay people wish to disregard the Bible, and ignore its injunctions (as you understand them), that is their right”

    They’ve been doing it for years, and no one has stopped them. This was never about taking away that “right,” assuming that rights even exist. Really, there is no basis for the existence of human rights, if you really wish to disregard the will of God. I might just as easily say I have the right to not be bothered by social deviants.

    But I digress. They want me to call them “married.” I wish not to. It’s that simple. We could go on and on about it, but we have no common ground, so let’s just skip it.

  4. santitafarella says:

    m. patterson:

    secular people have attempted to base rights on things other than god.

    john locke and ayn rand are two examples.

    you may find their arguments unconvincing, but it is not as cut and dried as you pretend.

    as for gay people, you don’t have to call them married. no one is requiring that of you—and if somebody did, i would oppose them because i don’t think that your right of conscience should be violated.

    gay people are not seeking your recognition of their civil marriage status. they are seeking that recognition from the state of california.

    and they are seeking from california civil recognition—not religious recognition.

    civil marriage in california should not be a matter of religion, but equality under the law.

    if gay couples pay taxes in california, then they need to receive equal protection of the laws. period.

    they should not have their recognition by the state determined by religious groups that oppose gay lifestyles.

    gay people, please recall, don’t have to recognize your marriage either. on a personal level, it doesn’t matter.

    if you are not catholic, the catholic church does not recognize your marriage. so what?

    this is a matter of civil and legal equality for a minority group.


  5. Ice Gal says:

    As a gay woyman I see the issue of same sex marriage this way:
    The benefits that we could share that would come from the legal right to marry, would come from the state. No god would be involved in allowing us to share medical benefits, or tax cuts allowed to straight people.
    Weather you believe in a bunch of made up stories from pre science bronze age times, eventually will not matter. We are not going to go away, and the Constitution provides for equal rights for ALL!

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