Senator Al Franken of Minnesota? gives the details of today’s absentee ballot counting here.

Money quote:

Minnesota took until 5 PM today to begin actually counting rejected absentee ballots, as the Canvassing Board sorted through various legal objections, underwent the arduous task of physically opening more than 900 ballots, and then gave the campaigns a chance to review the back of the ballots for identifying marks. Once they finally got underway, however, with election officials calling out the names of the candidates one ballot at a time, Franken went on a long winning streak and essentially never looked back.

Franken now leads by 225 votes.

That means that with today’s absentee votes counted, even if Coleman were to succeed in having Franken’s 130 “double votes” removed from his total count, Coleman would still LOSE.

It looks like we will soon be saying SENATOR AL FRANKEN OF MINNESOTA.


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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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