Gays are “Sodomites”?: Mike Huckabee Assures Ann Coulter That His Anti-Gay Bigotry Runs as Strongly as Hers

Don’t let Mike Huckabee’s jocular demeanor fool you. He wants everybody to know that he is as intolerant of gay people as any other good religious authoritarian. In fact, he finds “sodomy” just as distasteful as Ann Coulter does. In the clip below, friendly, always wise-cracking Republican and young earth creationist, Mike Huckabee, assures Ann Coulter that she need not worry about his conservative credentials, because he is completely anti-gay too, saying, “I am definitely not pro-sodomy. I promise, scout’s honor.

Boy scout’s honor, huh?

Does being against “sodomy” then mean that Mike Huckabee favors sodomy laws? In other words, laws against anal sex, oral sex, and same sex contact (effectively making gay behavior among consenting adults illegal)? Is this where the Republican party wants to go—not just denying gays the right to marry, but taking away their basic private sexual discretion, and civic equality as taxpayers, not allowing them to live their lives as they see fit? This is a really creepy clip among dueling authoritarians of the spirit:

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2 Responses to Gays are “Sodomites”?: Mike Huckabee Assures Ann Coulter That His Anti-Gay Bigotry Runs as Strongly as Hers

  1. Laura says:

    I’m glad that was a short clip–I find it extremely hard to watch more than a few minutes worth of either of these people–let alone the two of them together!

    What a combination.

    Who knew it was possible to have a “who’s more discriminatory” argument with someone?

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