No Bible Used at Obama’s Second Oath-Taking

I read in the NY Times this morning that Justice Roberts had administered to President Obama the oath of office one more time (to correct the flubbed wording on Inauguration Day).

But I also noticed that, rather deep in the article, was the statement:

Mr. Obama raised his right hand and did not use a Bible.

My immediate thought was this: The right will pick up on this and run with it all day—and this will hover around the conspiratorial web sites FOREVER.

Then I thought: This will probably be on the Drudge Report page this morning.

And I clicked over to the Drudge Report, and sure enough, there it was, as the banner headline:


The Drudge Report is Soooo PREDICTABLE.

Barack Obama. The first president to take the Constitutional oath of office without using a Bible.

That will be yet another permanently embedded source of fear and resentment directed toward Obama by the far right, and a hint to conspiratorialists that Obama is not what he seems (who is, by the way?)

Religious fundamentalists will also no doubt use this as “evidence” that Obama is the Antichrist.

This kind of distracting crap is one way that the right will try, over the next four years, to wear Obama’s presidency down.

It might well succeed.

Let’s hope not.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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2 Responses to No Bible Used at Obama’s Second Oath-Taking

  1. joe ruggirello says:

    how so true.
    he was sworn in twicw,and the people are still swearing

  2. volubrjotr says:

    I read a report who was defending Obama, that you really do not need the Bible for this.


    Why do we need Chief Justice Roberts?

    Point Of Order:

    When Washington took the Oath of Office they did not have a Bible when they were about to begin. The chief justice of New York’s Supreme Court had admonished George Washington and everyone present that an oath that was not sworn on the Bible would lack legitimacy. When Washington was finished, adding the phrase, “So help me God,” he bent down and kissed the Bible.
    April 30, 1789

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