RNC Threatens David Frum for Asking, “Where’s Sarah’s Clothes?”

Conservative David Frum, of NewMajority.com is taking serious heat from the RNC for asking where Sarah Palin’s campaign wardrobe has ended up:

The RNC repeatedly has been asked for its own version of events, but has rebuffed all questions about the location of the clothes or any timeline for making the donation.

New Majority Editor David Frum said that over the months since the end of the campaign he has spoken to many donors angry about the use made of their money – but that they are reluctant to make public comment. Reaction to NewMajority’s story may explain this reluctance. Frum said: “The RNC initiated a conversation with me today. The conversation was off the record, so I won’t quote it, but I think I can characterize it as threatening.” Frum added: “I said I was eager to hear of any inaccuracies in the story. I said that their denials would be a lot more convincing if they could name even one thing in the story that was wrong.”

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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