Pope Benedict HEARTS Bishop Richard Williamson: If a Catholic Bishop Denies the Holocaust for “Intellectual” Reasons, Does That Make It Okay?

The short answer is NO.

The basic facts around the Holocaust have been so thoroughly documented by historians that for someone with reasonable intelligence to deny those facts, and the convergence of those facts, is evidence of gross anti-intellectual prejudice and emotional perversity.

It is hardly fathomable the depth of psychological depravity to which one must sink to deny the Holocaust. Bishop Williamson is not a brave man to be “congratulated” for his intellectual “honesty.” He is an emotionally distorted, callous, and dangerous man.

All human beings are capable of being callous to the lives of those outside their families. And all human beings are capable of developing paranoid views of outsiders. Indeed, most of us experience these emotions to one degree or another.

But it is precisely because we are capable of such tragic and dark (anti) emotions toward our fellow human beings that we must resist them wherever we can, and especially where there is no warrant for us to indulge them.

Holocaust denial is precisely this kind of unwarranted callousness multiplied many times. It is conspiratorial paranoia and indifference to fellow human solidarity and feeling indulged to the highest degree—and without any empirical warrant whatsoever. It is an emotional perversity for precisely this reason. It gives people an “intellectual” excuse to feign “objectivity” even as they indulge their darkest human emotions: human callousness, cruelty, and conspiratorial paranoia. It is a form of human emotional agression, and a failure of love, masked by “aw shucks” rationalizations.

Bishop Williamson is the type of man who can be happy in heaven, while believing that multitudes are burning in hell. He is the type of man who can shrug at the genocide of the Jews, even as he enjoys his afternoon tea. This is the kind of emotional perversity and disconnection which is terrifying to contemplate, both in ourselves, in God, and in others, and is especially terrifying wherever it comes within range of political or social power.

That Pope Benedict can bring such a man into his embrace says something about the pope’s capacity for callousness, paranoia, and evil as well.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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1 Response to Pope Benedict HEARTS Bishop Richard Williamson: If a Catholic Bishop Denies the Holocaust for “Intellectual” Reasons, Does That Make It Okay?

  1. Akira says:

    Why do you have so much respect for Mr Williamson that you keep referring to him as “Bishop Williamson”? I thought the whole point of the controversy [the original controversy for which he was excommunicated] was that he’s NOT a bishop, and never has been. Or perhaps you think that he must be a bishop because he dresses funny?

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