ENVIRONMENTALISM 101: A Conservative Tries to Explain to Other Conservatives Why He’s Concerned about GLOBAL WARMING

At conservative David Frum’s NewMajority.com website, John Murdock does his best to explain why Drudge headlines and Al Gore hatred should not be the engine that drives Republican “thinking” on global warming:

For hundreds of thousands of years, CO2 has ranged between about 180 and 300 parts per million (ppm).  Currently we are at 385 ppm . . . and with each SUV trip to [the] grocery store and new Chinese coal power plant we all contribute, in big and small ways, to a rapid rate of increase. . . . Frankly, no one knows what the future holds at 500 or 600 ppm, but we can surmise that it probably will not be good.

Where Murdock cites data he derives it from an atmospheric physicist who is also an Evangelical Christian. In other words, he even tries to overcome the ethos (source credibility) problem that usually serves to shut down his audience on this topic.

Good luck to him—and the rest of us.

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1 Response to ENVIRONMENTALISM 101: A Conservative Tries to Explain to Other Conservatives Why He’s Concerned about GLOBAL WARMING

  1. The climate most likely is changing. It has changed from the earth’s beginnings (if scientific observations are to be believed) and will continue to change until — whenever. The AGW crowd, ironically, is composed of many of the same people who are always beating us about the head over Evolution. (Enough to give one a headache.)

    Well, so we evolve with the climate. Duh.

    I believe in God. And I have had enormous respect for science up until about yesterday when the AGW tedium really started getting to me. But scientists really don’t know enough about climate in general. How are they making these fabulous predictions?

    In the history of science, it’s staggering how many things are later “improved” for accuracy. Anyway, it’s a moot point unless we knew what to do to fix the “problem.”

    Meanwhile, why aren’t these scientists losing sleep over meteors? Meteors were Very Bad News for dinosaurs. And what about vulcanism? The volcano under Yellowstone National Park is estimated to blow every 70,000 years or so, and I understand it’s overdue. What’s Al Gore proposing to do about that?

    These people need to cut their caffeine intake. Hot milk and cookies before bed (well, not for Al who could stand to lose a few pounds and reduce his carbon footprint — to say nothing of his ordinary footprint).


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