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Christopher Hitchens on What Pope Benedict’s Reversal of Excommunication on Antisemite and Holocaust Denier, Bishop Richard Williamson, Means

At Newsweek, Christopher Hitchens puts in his two cents on Pope Benedict, and his recent reversal of excommunication on the Antisemitic and Holocaust denying Bishop, Richard Williamson. Hitchens reminds us that the Catholic Church, prior to Vatican II, had a long … Continue reading

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If You Ever Hit Me, I Swear I’ll Leave You—Even If the BIBLE Does Not Give Me Permission To!

Where is that passage in the BIBLE that says, “Thou shalt not, under any circumstances, STRIKE or batter thy spouse. It is an abomination unto the Lord”? Ah, there isn’t one? Okay. But isn’t there a passage somewhere in the Bible … Continue reading

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Russian Formalist, Victor Shklovsky, on DEFAMILIARIZATION as One of the Essential Roles of Art and Literature (1917)

Victor Shklovsky coined the term “defamiliarization” to describe the role that art and literature can play in turning us around in the world (so that we see things with fresh eyes): Habituation devours works, clothes, furniture, one’s wife, and the … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict: “Neo-Medieval Conservative?”

Pope Benedict seems to be the George Bush of Catholicism—disdaining moderation, ignoring criticism, and lurching his church to the VERY CREEPY RIGHT at every opportunity. Perhaps we should call it “Neo-Medieval Conservatism.” The Guardian of London today reports on the pope’s … Continue reading

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Link to Poe’s “Anastatic Printing” Essay (the One Where He Supposedly “Anticipates” Blogging and the Internet)

The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore posts Poe’s 1845 essay, “Anastatic Printing”, in full here. My observations here.

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Dreams of a “NEW REGIME”? Did Edgar Allan Poe Really Foresee Blogging, the Internet, and the Decline of Publishers—Or Is This Quote of His Taken Out of Context—or Even FAKE?

Andrew Sullivan today posted a striking quote from Edgar Allan Poe that seems to anticipate blogging and the Internet, and the decline of publishers! I don’t know who tipped him off to this. Did he locate it himself, or did someone … Continue reading

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