Timber Butte Homestead: An Evangelical Pastor Experiments with Ecological Living in Idaho

Tri Robinson is the pastor of a charismatic, evangelical Christian church in Idaho, and he’s also a SERIOUS environmentalist, and has even written a book on the subject of whether a conservative Christian can also be an eco-activist. (His answer: YES.)

Robinson is quite an extraordinary person. He helped restore and protect, as a historical monument, a nineteenth century hotel in Southern California (which is now a cultural museum). And now, in Idaho, he’s engaged in an ongoing ecological living experiment that he calls “Timber Butte Homestead.”

I learned about Robinson’s homestead project from a friend who lives in Idaho, and who goes to Robinson’s church. And it also just so happens that, before Robinson became a minister and ecology activist, he was one of my PE teachers in junior high school (“Park View,” a public school in Lancaster, Ca.).

Robinson’s website on his homestead project is here. It’s very “Mother Earth Newsy” in its feel, and has lots of nice country photos.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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