Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: Emaciated Female Survivor of a Death March, Recovering at an American Field Hospital in Czechoslavakia, May 8, 1945

Her name: Marika Roth.

She was 19 years old.

Source: U.S. Holocaust Museum photo archive

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10 Responses to Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: Emaciated Female Survivor of a Death March, Recovering at an American Field Hospital in Czechoslavakia, May 8, 1945

  1. Cailtin says:

    OMG! tht is sooo sick fro what they used to do to the jewish people. its not fair how they all got treated. mother with daughters and sons with fathers. makes no sense.! to me i think that everyone is the same. but some poeple dont understand that. they think tht we are different poeple, which we are but we equal as one!. im doing an assignment on Hitler and i didnt really know much about it until now, it has made me gobsmackd to see what has happend. im only 16 and seeing this 19 yr old girl, has made me weak. how would they feel if the jewish did that to them. did they feel or even see the pain that the jewish people were going through.


    • Anonymous says:

      i no imean im 18 seeing this and girl u now wat i mean i’m cristina wat si yours love ya girl

    • rob says:

      No they didnt see their pain ,
      they considered jews , homosexuals , black people , gypsies and alot of others as inferior .
      although when the camps were liberated they all of a sudden i think realised what was going on and realised they were wrong and started burning documents .
      if you think this particualr picture is bad she almost appears lucky compared to some of the others like the children who were placed into the medical testing , with such treasures as immerseing somone into freezeing water with an opening on insertion anal thermometer until a point then trying to find ways of warming them up to include haveing sex with other prisoners , irrigateing themn internally with boiling water etc it was eventually found the sex or immerseing them in warm water slowly warming it were the best methods so ime really pleased they realised this .
      the gypsies or roma were the worst to be tested on .
      i hope you enjoy learning about hitler and nazi germany because it is important young people learn about these atrocities to make sure they never happen again .

  2. kristy says:

    what is she doing having sex

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow no and thats really fucked up she’s a lady recovering from the holocaust and you got jokes ur fucking dumb have some damn respect for her and the others

      • rob says:

        wow thats just a comment of complete ignorance towards this subject if they had the simplest of ideas or reading about this subject they wouldnt dream of posting such rubbish . perhaps if a member of their family had been involved in the medical testing they would feel differently !

      • rob says:

        sorry that is a reply for the one above about the sex to kristy not anon x

    • maz says:

      your so right! people can be such jerks!!

  3. maz says:

    omg! this is so sad. 😦 i wounder what happends to all of everything, i mean most peole who raped the girls nomaly toke pic of them and p[osted them as there photo when loked up, during this time i mean.

  4. pepper says:

    i cant believe hitler had no feelings besides hate for the jews. they were also people who had feelings too. hitler was a jerk and if he was still alive i would wish that he had gotten the same treatment that the jews got in the death and concentration camps. i am glad that at least some jews survived, and i am sorry for the families who lost those they loved.

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