Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: Mass Grave at Bergen-Belsen

Source: U.S. Holocaust Museum photo archive

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13 Responses to Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: Mass Grave at Bergen-Belsen

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    • Hadiyah says:

      pictures like this just disgust me… they leave me completely speechless how man can have such hate for another… how there can be no remourse in any of their hearts… because i just think to myself that hitler did not do any of this killing it were all of the soldiers and countrymen that were working by his side… i just always kno that someone does not become powerful alone… and think how this could be so much different if only people had the courage to stand up for what is right… even if they stood alone… because anybody who knew anything about what was going on knew that this was just plain WRONG!!! rest in peace to all of the holocaust victims… i rest easy knowing that each and every single one of you are in a better place…..

      • Anonymous says:

        I hate looking at this knowing lives have been last in such a cruel way. And more that I am part germen.

  2. courtney agness beans says:

    i think this picture is very upsetting and all thoses people who died will be remembered.

  3. kadie says:

    i feel so sad vwen i seeeeeeeeeee thia 😦

  4. rudi bob says:

    this is so bad to seee i feel bad for these ppl 😦

  5. kate j says:

    This is very sad 😦 hi rudi bob

  6. katte bom bate says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kadieeee

  7. someone who cares deeply says:

    Let’s remember and never forget and never let this happen again, ever. But let us also stop and ask how this could have ever happened in the first place…

    • Anonymous says:

      although we want it to stop, we cannot. there are genocides happening around the world today and we are sitting down in ffront of out computers feeling sorrow. we are doing like what the people did during the holocuast, not listen, not speak out.

  8. chloe says:

    this is vere sad im going 2 cry it is 2 sad 2 look at 😥

  9. Anonymous says:

    I recieved three emails from someone here that I assume were in response to what I wrote. In the response od two emails I read the ‘f’ word and how I was hated and broadly accused of killing Jews myself.
    I want to make it clear here and now,once and for all; I do NOT harm or kill MY People!I LOVE my People and Israel and Jerusalem. I do not need to be spoken to in foul language or threatening manner!
    I lost People TOO.
    I am working very hard to find ways to educate people because too many do not know or have never seen what our dear People went through!
    Rage is not something that brings honor to the memories of the Strongest, Sweetest and lovingest People on this earth.
    I admire Commitment and Dedication and Love for Israel and Jerusalem and Gods People everywhere they are. I Pray for Shalom forthem. I support them.
    Use wisdom when speaking to others. You may be offending Brothers and Sister who share the same feelings and efforts!

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